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  • zimchic1 zimchic1 Jul 25, 1999 11:07 PM Flag

    CKSG_promoter - Baby Bells

    I'm sure the Baby Bells would love nothing better
    than to block access to any perceived competitor.

    Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us the Baby Bells
    are regulated monopolies. They're also an considered
    an essential public service. As such they are
    subject to an enormous number of regulations (laws) that
    govern how they operate.

    One of those laws states
    that they have to allow long distance phone companies
    and Internet Service Providers to use their lines to
    complete calls. The government sets the rate they may
    charge for completing the call.

    Yahoo is neither
    a monopoly nor an essential public service. They
    can do whatever they want as long as they don't
    refuse service based upon race or creed.

    Yahoo they have to publish whatever anyone cares to
    submit is like telling Dell Computer Corporation (just
    to stay on topic) they have to paint a computer any
    color a customer asks for.

    In the grand
    tradition of a free capitalist society you have the same
    option with Yahoo you have with Dell - give your
    business to a competitor - but even Apple won't paint it
    ANY color you want. <grin>

    If you wish
    to follow something that's a little fuzzier in the
    monopoly debate check out the cable companies (led by AT&T
    which now owns about half of the U.S. cable TV
    companies) which require that you pay for their Internet
    service before you can subscribe to any other Internet
    service such as AOL. The argument generally runs along
    the lines of cable companies not being monopolies and
    certainly not being essential public services. One can make
    some counter-arguments but apparently not strong
    enough to convince the federal government to force the
    cable companies to open up their lines to AOL.

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    • Because I've sorely missed our interaction.

      Let me know if you find that too incredible and I'll try to fabricate a more believable lie. <grin>

    • I took a look in the yahoo news section and read
      both top stories concerning PC shipments.

      growth for Dell is 50% over last year in the second
      quarter. This was the case in the previous quarter.
      Profits are "only" growing at a 42% annual

      If this trend remains the same it means Dell's gross
      margins will be further eroded. Maybe Gigabuy's will help
      the overall bottom line. I've certainly bought some
      peripherals there.

      Maybe not.

      I'll tell you
      this, my speculation shares, bought on margin are going
      to be sold prior to earnings. I think protective
      puts are in order if the stock runs up.

      I may
      be wrong and I hope I am. I don't see how Dell can
      make whipser numbers.


    • If you're happy with a double in three years
      you're easier to please than me ! I'm kind of hoping for
      a double by this date next year. I'm counting on
      the fact that the company has been growing faster
      than the stock price for most of the past year to give
      it a boost. Let's just cross our fingers that the
      world economy doesn't go tits up because that'll take
      everyone down with it. I worry much less about Dell
      failing to execute than I do about its customers
      tightening their belts to ride out an economic downturn.

    • coming back long on DELL even at this point. I
      will be happy with a double over the next 3 years and
      don't think that is unrealistic. Your opinion on this
      stock is always appreciated. I only wish I would have
      listend to you 18 months ago.

    • I can only repeat what Michael Dell and others
      have been telling everyone repeatedly about Dell's
      conditions - strong sales and growth continuing in all
      product lines across all geographies. He's never lied
      before so I have no reason to doubt him now, especially
      with its largest competitor, Compaq, disintegrating
      from within.

      I will say that I personally
      haven't sold any shares since February, but I haven't
      purchased any either. I still have most of my net worth in
      Dell stock and I don't feel any compelling need to up
      the ante by borrowing in order to own

      Dell is looking great, but I wouldn't pin my hopes on
      it doubling, tripling, or quadrupling every year
      like it has in the past. Of course I wasn't expecting
      it to quadruple in 1998 either so what do I know ?

    • cowardly_bonnuss_imposter cowardly_bonnuss_imposter Jul 26, 1999 1:11 AM Flag

      I can tell you in no uncertain terms that Blanche
      is NOT
      a censor and she is not employed by
      Blanche is a dear, lovely, and intelligent young
      woman beloved
      by many on this board.


      Just thought I would pass that along.

    • for DELL, price rise prior to earnings
      announcement is coming. Barring extraordinary news this puppy
      should break 52week highs in the near term. Longs will
      be having a field day in the weeks ahead.

      This DELL is worth watching!!!!!

    • to my post on you snap shot of DELL's current condition? Your opinion is valuable to me regarding this company. I want to dive in Monday and buy some here at this level. Good or Bad?


    • bonnuss in aus
      Long on DELL

    • Passing every message through a spam filter will
      increase the amount of work that Yahoo's servers must do.
      Dell will be more than happy to sell Yahoo some more
      powerful servers that are up to the task !

      Yahoo, would you like fries (Network Attached Storage)
      with your servers ? <grin>

      • 1 Reply to zimchic1
      • They say the MAFIA has managed to infiltrate the
        Stock Market and is making lots of money - believe it
        or not - 'spamming a stock, a small stock and
        running the price up on it - and they sell at higher
        price! They are spamming the boards - have people doing
        it for them and making LOTS OF MONEY.

        This is
        no joke - wouldnt be surprised at the antics Yahoo
        is doing pulling messages with spamming in them - is
        not part of the 'new Mafia scare' How are we going to
        know if our spammers are mafiosa or some poor investor
        trying to rectify his/her mistake?

        Can see some
        BIG changes coming from Yahoo and others.Will
        certainly be interesting.