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  • harrytc1 harrytc1 Nov 8, 1999 11:16 AM Flag

    Nothing to be concerned

    manipulations is in full speed right now. Volume
    will rise in very high levels due to accumulation of
    MM's, price will remain in the same levels as now maybe
    we will break even by closing. Tuesday afternoon
    look for highs.
    Now is the time to buy
    Play the game the big boys play.

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    • first U hold this stock from 55 to present. Real
      swift. Second I replied already to that position. Guess
      you don't read to well. And I never posted the price.
      U are speculating and clueless as usual. Yeah! I am
      in complete envy of people who lose a good
      percentage of their money on a stock and most likely will
      lose more. How'd you get so smart Champless? U go to
      Austin U or something?


    • shorts can get annoying but this is getting real
      painful. if mikey babe let's us down thursday we are in
      for a long hard depressing winter. and right now the
      shorts are in the drivers seat, things aren't looking
      good. we need to beat by more than 2 cents. 2 cents or
      less won't do crap for this stock. this is the moment
      of truth and will depict the future investment
      strategy for all the box makers. good numbers will finally
      show the the other box makers are worthless compared
      to dell and we will sky rocket. even or bad numbers
      and we're in the low 30s high 20's very quickly and
      for a LONG time. no pun intended.

    • facts as I requested...MD has sold shares since the Company went public...Yawn...please try another approach, I'v grown tired of this one...

    • From someone that self-aggrandizingly professed
      shorting at $39 and has yet to be in the black, I can just
      picture that "furnace" fueling your "lifestyle". I
      picture an indigent standing in some cold backstreet
      alley warming his hands over a trash fire set in a
      rusted out 50 gallon drum. You're quite welcome to keep
      your "lifestyle" (and that "smell" you profess to
      love). See what rabid envy gets you? Recognize your
      illness and get help.

      Compared to you
      De(nvy)llusional, cousin Eddie from the Vacation movies looks like
      Donald Trump.

    • Ever sold anything you thought was going to go down? Diversification? Take off the rose colored glasses.

    • diversification strategy aren't you...why don't
      you do some real research and show us how this
      selling differs from insider selling since the stock went
      public...for these people to sell these amounts is like you
      selling one of your 100 Cpq shares(if you own that
      It's not my fault you chose the wrong company in
      the Computer Biz to work for...don't be so
      defensive...Hasta La Compaqa Baby!

    • to 0 kind of guy. I love them. U like watching
      your stock drop like a slow slide into hell? I guess
      so. U sleep better than I do because it's obvious you
      are asleep behind the wheel. Time to wake up
      Champton. Smell that cash of yours going up in smoke in my
      furnace fueling my lifestyle. I love that smell.


    • Why should I sell? I have owned Dell for over 6
      years my friend. I am still well ahead of the game. You
      are more than likely a johnny come lately to Dell
      stock. You probably bought at the high and are upset
      because of that fact. As for your "points" you are
      correct Sun appears to be doing well, IBM not so well
      (which is why they are leaving retail), and Compaq is
      making money not losing. Grow up kid, investing is a
      grown up interest. Go back to playing with yourself or
      your Pokemon cards.

    • Since your soooo cool, I will give you something
      to think on. Look who's selling. Gee,kinda makes you

    • The fact that I'm less in the money than when
      Dell was at $55 (you know, the price you constantly
      love to cherry-pick to make some obnoxiously stupid
      comment) is of really no concern to a buy and hold person
      such as myself. You just go right along and continue
      reveling in your brilliant $39 short (imaginary though it
      is) and all that imaginary money you're taking to the
      bank. As John Lennon sang..."Whatever gets you through
      the night".....

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