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  • thegalk_2000 thegalk_2000 Sep 23, 2000 3:06 AM Flag

    Fact on DELL

    DELL, after INTC, was the most traded company
    today (yeasterday). Considering the amount of shares
    that were exchanged 80,207,900, I can say all the weak
    hands are gone, and pretty much only the strong hands
    are left. DELL wil go higher on strong volume on
    Monday, and then even higher on Tuesday, on lower volume
    this time.

    DELL should reach mid 40s next


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    • Home:

      Yes, the news after the close was
      very encouraging.

      I think you are probably
      right about Intel and AMD. AMD is pushing Intel and
      Intel is used to being the only player in town. This
      may explain the less than candid announcement and
      recalled chips. In any event, Intel isn't taking DELL
      down. Dell's presence isn't that strong in Europe


    • you see the afterhour news DELL and other
      computer manufacturers came out with Friday. They
      basically said everything was fine. My question is, how can
      Intel say the shortfall was due to slowing PC Sales?
      Does Intel even sell PC's? I think Intel meant to say
      that Intel processor sales were weak in Europe. Intel
      just skirted the fact that AMD is gaining market share
      so Intel basically blamed a whole another industry.
      Intel should be brought to the table by Dell, Gateway
      and Compaq.

    • The panic is over. Most panic on Wall Street is
      short-term. If the panic wasn't over you wouldn't have seen
      the rebound on Friday. Although institutional buying
      of Dell was admittedly stronger in the morning
      hours, it continued to a lesser extent throughout the
      day. Institutions are usually long-term investors. The
      mad scramble to buy Dell Friday am was because it was
      so ridiculously cheap, not to dump it one day later.
      You might note that Compaq, who has a stronger
      presence in Europe than Dell does, finished on the upside
      Friday. So I ask you, if Compaq who does a great deal of
      business in Europe can bounce back, what makes you think
      that Dell, a company with a lesser presence in Europe,
      won't as well?


    • U know and I know, Dell price will go up if we
      hold it long enough. But I belive, very strongly in
      next two trading days, there will be a big

      Dell claimed that Intel warning was much overblown.
      And yes, it was. But it doesn't matter, it causes
      panic. Oil has nothing to do with Dell. Yes it doesn't,
      but it effects the world economy, and causes panic.
      Both of these factor does not effect the Dell company
      itself, BUT, it effects the wallstreet. Don't get mixed
      with what goes on at wallstreet and at Dell. Even if
      wallstreet crashes, Dell will still go on making profit, but
      Dell share price will plunge.

      When the news on
      Oil and Intel came out, what happened? Dell plunged.
      When it plunged, what happened? Institutions and
      Daytrader gobbled up the shares by millions. Now they are
      up by millions of dollars in profit, what else do u
      think they will do Monday morning on current unstable
      market? Dump! And that's not all, remember, we still have
      the oil and Intel factor. And it's not over,

      Dell is a good company, and if u belive in it, hold it
      firm for very long time for 20-30% gain. My self? I
      prefer 200-300%, if I can.

    • Dell isn't going to drop to 31. There is no logic
      that would lead to such a conclusion. Nothing supports
      your prediction. And there is nothing more to the
      Intel situation. Their earnings aren't going to match
      expectations due to a weak European market. That's it!

      By the way, it isn't loosing it, its losing


    • Neither is my spelling. Why don't u get the right
      message thread. Ur loosing it, buddy. Just like ur
      loosing ur money. Pea Brain.

      See u when Dell drops
      to about 31, I'll load up some more then.

    • I don't know why you would think Dell will fall
      10-15% on Monday. That would be a larger drop than
      Friday and Friday was a disaster. Dell climbed out of a
      deep hole on Friday and was going pretty strong at the
      end. The Intel warning is pretty much overblown. Dell
      and Compaq have both recently announced their
      European projections are right on target. Intel may be
      having problems in Europe, but Dell is not. I say Dell
      up 2 to 2 5/16 on Monday. This is just my humble
      opinion and anyone reading this should do their own
      research before investing.


    • Kkkk. U can't even remember what I said, probably
      because ur to scared of the truth. I could tell by ur
      educated vocabulary list.

      Plant this into ur thick
      skull, Dell will drop big Monday morning, and pickup a
      little in the afternoon but not much. And then the news
      hit, u know the rest. It's gonna be like this until
      near end of the week before returning to normal.

    • Kkkkk. Getting little anal, aren't u? Ur so
      pathetic, can't take the losses? Didn't anyone tell u that
      ur not supposed to gamble with money u can't afford?

      Stick with the CDs and mutual fund, buddy. That's my
      advice to u, at no charge.

      C u, Pea Brains on
      Monday, when u drop another 10-15%. Like I said, the bad
      news on Oil and Intel is not over, yet. The classic
      pump has ended, now it's the dumping time...

    • cant even remember what he says. What a dumb shit.

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