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  • abrahamabbe abrahamabbe Aug 13, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    How do I know so much about this B402, Jackinthe box, basher?


    I know about him because he is too lazy to use some of his MANY aliases on Yahoo Board KATX or Yahoo Board BVIG. So, we have all seen him try to criminally bash and curse and threaten not only on this SRGE YAHOO FINANCE BOARD, but also on different companies’ boards.
    He has publicly threatened to MURDER ME AND MY FAMILY right here on YAHOO.
    That alone should tell you how intelligent he is.
    He cursed the CEO of our company, "I pray Ken's mother dies of cancer."
    So you see, you don't have to be a detective to understand the mental ability and capacity for this Davy, Basement Boy B402 Jackinthebox Ducic.
    We know it, because we have been attacked by this pervert for many months on other boards here at YAHOO, such as the BVIG board, and the KATX board. Here, on the SRGE board, he has no one to attack, so he just keeps jumping up and down in a little immature boy’s victory.
    You all see it when he posts,.… “This stock used to be worth $38,000.00 and now it’s worth .0004. Every day I have a good laugh at those I defrauded… (you see, he knows the SEC will not get this information, so he doesn’t mind admitting to fraud in public).” MARY JO WHITE, be careful, one of your staff has been compromised and bribed!
    He lives with and I fear. He posted by using a different alias, that he left for INDIA He really expects adults to believe that.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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