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  • abrahamabbe abrahamabbe Aug 14, 2013 7:11 PM Flag

    Some lawyer convinced him that he can't ever be prosecuted for his public statements.

    Here, on the SRGE board, he has no one to attack, so he just keeps jumping up and down in a little immature boy’s victory repeat. B402 believes that they will never figure out who is behind the aliases he has used.
    You all see it when he posts,.… “This stock used to be worth $38,000.00 and now it’s worth .0004. Every day I have a good laugh at those I defrauded… (you see, he knows the SEC will not get this information, so he doesn’t mind admitting to fraud in public).” He forgets and posts that same dribble through many different aliases, thinking he has fooled the world.
    MARY JO WHITE, be careful, one of your staff has been compromised and bribed!
    I wonder which lawyer let B402 dump on himself. Clearly it’s a lawyer who actually thinks the authorities will never determine who B402, et al, really is.
    He posted by using a different alias, saying that he left for INDIA He really expects adults to believe that. Regards to Guru Fraud-esh Katx-behar.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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