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  • cabogordon cabogordon Apr 20, 2013 6:14 PM Flag

    Due Diligence

    after doing some top line due diligence on the techinals and fundementals. I believe the we have major support at the current PPS. The Daily , weekly and monthly charts looked primed for a contimued move up. still showing some work needs to be on MACD. As were still showing negative divergence. But continued buyside volume will cure that. ociallators also signaling a buy. The fundementals / recent events really paint a turn around story here. Breaking even and approaching ebitda profit in future quarters should continue to support a growing value for shareholders. I believe earnings should capture the new plant on the east coast. expect some added costs on the labor side. regarding thier pipeline of forward business. I'm having a hard time identfying all the big contracts. I believe the dollar value is in excess of 400mm. Is MSFT a potential clinet ? would be gratful for some color on this. What gets me excited here is that were splat in the middle of the domestic energy platform agenda. I believe the new story of a old company with great technology with a huge pipleine of business will generate alot of buzz and enthusiam on main street and wall street. I believe we see 2 by earnings and with upward guidance and profit within site we could see 5 dollars by summer. expecially with new contacts being announced with major blue chip companies. I wish the float was a tad smaller and easier to move. Most funds can't touch sub 5 PPS equities. So, you might see some orchastrated moves to get it up 5. The risk here is not meeting shareholder expectations, thus more losses and without bottom line traction. I'm long as of friday and see a 3-5 yr hold here if they continue to hit benchmarks. could we see a 2bb market cap. potenially ! but , as you all now it won't be in a striaght line. worth mentioning at its current PPS and growin demand don't be surprised to here buyout rumors from some of the big oil companues who are trying to ge thier toes into this new emerging space.

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