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  • ralph_sutex ralph_sutex May 24, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

    Momentum of the GROUP has changed

    Whether it is stationary power or auto fuel cells, THIS IS A GROUP MOVE! Momentum players are finding this group. Look at PLUG, BLDP AND FCEL. All are in different aspects of the group but all are up 15% today.

    I have no idea if this is just a forced short covering move or if this is the beginning of an industry push.
    I'm hoping this may be the beginning of a longer group move and that the hedge funds are coming back in.
    If this is hedge fund momentum, then they could easily move us past $2 by FYE October 31. I certainly hope so.

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    • Master Limited Partner Parity Act moving through congress. Likely to pass or has passed. If so, one big boost for alternative energy projects. Maybe something else but this seems most likely to create sector move we've seen last few days.

    • One thing that will happen over the next few days is that the message board for FCEL will fill up with new opinions and spams from posters no one has ever heard of and who will disappear almost immediately.

      So, thanks, ralph, donnie, long fuelcel, md982735, kurt, and several others whom I'm sure I ma have missed. I've actually learned things over the past several months from you that have made me a better investor.

      Good luck to all the old and new longs who take the time to post thoughtful comments and useful information.

      To the rest of you, take it easy with the exclamation points and remember that we all have an ignore button.

    • Look at HYGS as well, up 15%, another player in mobile fuel cells.
      HYGS trades at $10 now, so it's not a penny stock, but still a mover, up 17% since my buy last week.

    • Still prefer a reverse split.

    • How do you spell ~~~~~~H2USA~~~~~~ ?'s NOW....not when.

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      • insiderquote,
        I know that you have been following FCEL for some time but H2USA is to develop an H2 infrastructure nationally for cars and trucks. It is not really backing FCEL's main business of stationary FCs.
        Of course we know that FCEL is working on two projects to produce H2 and both would benefit FCEL in the H2USA program but I doubt that is what is moving the stock.
        H2 for autos is still years away but the developmental planning is starting now.

        In this area FCEL has two projects:
        1. they have a 250KW DFC H2 generator that runs off BioGas at the Orange County Sanitation District that was set up in 2011 with Air Products and produces enough H2 for 25 cars/day that is still being tested.
        2. They have an MOU "to develop" a tri-generation stationary power plant. Their Tri-Generation unit is for H2, Electric and Heat but is really geared for industrial H2 users and probably also to fuel their forklift trucks. The LT goal of Tri-Generation is to develop a MW size plant to produce H2 more for industrial companies that use H2 in their businesses rather than outdoor H2 stations.

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    • Electricity is in. look at the move in Tesla, We will need more power to charge vehicles, Vehicle fleets will like to have their own generators.

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