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  • z4abtrlife z4abtrlife Apr 18, 2014 9:10 AM Flag

    Be Like Christ. Be a person Spreading Great News and Love.

    Listening to Fox news now as non believers
    attack the right to celebrate Jesus and Passover.
    Why is it that haters push nonsense?
    Bashers can celebrate hate and enjoy
    believing in darkness and bad on their own.
    Believers aren't trying to get non believers to believe.
    Believers don't bash, name call, non believers
    ~ they pity and pray for them.
    Bashers and Atheists fear good ~ plain and simple!
    That's why they attack God and Fuel Cell.
    Long's and trader's: Turn the cheek like Christ
    when shorts attack you.
    Try your best to get the basher's and hater's to attack you.
    Be sure to read those the basher's attack knowing their messages are powerful ;)
    Spread the good word about FCEL and the good we can do with the windfall profits.
    I hope I have to pay up to $100,000.00 in Capital Gains for 2014's trading.
    Think of all the roads, and people in need those taxes could help if allocated correctly...
    Just sayin,

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    • Z4, Easter is one of the many opportunities to reflect on and share our love for Jesus Christ. He represents what is good in life, about being kind to one another, helping others, and the inner strength that never ends - especially when it is needed most.

      Z, people have not changed over the years. Corruption, hate, and greed are not new to the Human race. Indeed, the sins I mention are great examples of the "whatever it takes" values driving the bashers. A basher does not consider the lives changed forever from spewing deceit. Each day I get older and hopefully a step closer to this believer's Heaven, each day I am reminded of how cruel and unjust life can sometimes be. As well, I believe in the bad Karma each will face in time. It comes through without exception. It is your life and nobody has the ability to really effect your happiness. Stay well, keeping the faith with you... The Bean.

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    • You say "Believers don't bash" and then you say "Atheists fear good ~ plain and simple!" That is bashing. Honestly, I would rather spend time with an atheist than with a religious person that pushes their beliefs onto others. In addition, I find religious people much more hateful and aggressively judgmental than any atheist I've ever met.

      Anyway, I like you Z4, and I like the "spread the love" part of your message, and your positivity, but it's not fair to put atheists in the same boat with "bashers and haters". And really, for your own good, stop watching Faux News!

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      • Jeremy,
        I really don't know anything about Atheists except they don't believe in God or medicine, of which I may have admittedly misinterpreted.
        Thank you for calling me out on such a poor example ;)
        I just don't get why Christmas can't be "Christ"mas.
        Like the Sienfield episode; non believers can celebrate "Festivas" in October...
        Why attack believers and try to steel their glory???
        Same with FCEL.
        Basher's and non believers should just buy stocks
        they believe in and are sure of,
        instead of focussing on nonsense and negativity...
        You see the point I made a poor attempt at trying to express?
        Thanks again,

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    • This post was really about FCEL
      but the news reminded me of people
      fight what they fear...

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