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  • wiscson wiscson Nov 22, 1999 11:51 AM Flag

    Alright, no more

    DCHT spam or poster spats. Let's get back to the very interesting discussion on thermodymanics and fuel cell efficiency. FCL relevant posts only for now on.

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    • Sorry to break my promise but I will definitely
      try to make this the last one.

      firethawhore- I guess it could have been. DCHT needs a Yahoo
      board of its own, doesn't it? That way people like
      guttago won't have to threaten to sell. Anyway, people
      are posting on Raging Bull's DCHT board. So if anyone
      cares to learn more they might be able to pick up some
      things by going there. There are some links posters post
      from time to time that could be

      Also, I'd like to know what spins everyone is talking
      about. All I'm aware of are a few announcements of
      contracts that they have made. Can they be blamed for
      announcing new contracts? Are there other announcements I'm
      not aware of?

    • Like politicians, a company that is continually
      spinning is not to be trusted. That doesn't mean a
      politician who is continually putting a slant on things
      can't serve his constituency well, but it is, to my
      mind, less likely. By the same token, a company that
      does the same is less credible. So I think spin or the
      lack thereof, should be considered part of due
      diligence and therefore I agree with sunfundasst. This does
      not mean a company should not blow its own horn
      occasionally, but there are limits.

    • Forget about what others say, what does your
      research tell you. Never buy unless you do dd. I did and
      am happy with my research and the confirmation today
      with the investment opinion. If you were in the biz
      would you be quiet with your dd. Think not this is biz
      and the company is sure it is good to promote itself.
      Boo! go aware cause I said boo. Does it work?

    • DCHT might have something. However, I am scared
      off by:

      1.professional touts
      2. super=
      dooper, urgent, nearly hysterical and very frequent

      If they limited themselves to not more than 3
      releases each quarter and if the releases each provided
      new material of consequence, I might buy some

      The present promotional efforts make me feel

    • You can have your board back. As long as DCHT is
      not attacked anymore I won't feel the need to have to
      defend it. I can only speak for myself though. I have no
      idea what Steve plans to do.

      Good luck with
      your FCL investments.

      • 1 Reply to profitbyit
      • These skirmishes go on all the time, and are fine
        in their place. Bear in mind that the only reason
        anyone was attacking DCHT was that Steve came over here
        and started spamming DCHT and trashing FCL, claiming
        it really was producing an incinerator rather than a
        fc. Had he not done so, no one would have mentioned
        DCHT here.

        The funny thing is that, as FCL's
        stock keeps going higher every day, I see Steve on RB
        now claiming that FCL will be a success and buy lots
        of DCHT sensors. Is that his new pitch, that DCHT
        can sell its sensors to the incinerator

        Well, whatever, good luck in your investments,

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