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  • jeff5tg jeff5tg Apr 19, 2011 12:01 PM Flag

    Drove PAST ZBB & TIER


    it is a nice car and I think my only comment relative to the SL is that t is very different from the cars parked at ZBB showing a difference in perspective or consumption leading to some interesting inter personal actions.

    How would you know if I have an MBA or not or if the MBA were from a junk school or a highly rated one or if I was at the top of my class or at the bottom or if I have or have not a few decades at looking at this kind of thing?

    Don't worry about my observations as it did not cost you anything and you have nothing invested in if my impressions are right or wrong. Just forget about it and go on your way.

    Geeze, an owner in a 550 SL perfectly clean and the employees are driving pick up trucks. Wonder what they think and say behind his back? Even odder in that the SL was the only car parked in the front lot and the rest were in the employee lot around the side. In fairness the company van was also parked in the front lot.

    Don't worry about the validity of my impressions. Just put your money up and place your bet. Thanks for confirming it was the former owner's automobile as I was not sure since everyone here says they are a down to earth management style. I guess it could have been a Ferrari...

    The car was spotless. Shining in the sun without a pickup tuck to diminish the view. Anyone else work in the office?

    Hey what do I know after all it is Wisconsin : ) .

    This topic is deleted.
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