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  • jeff5tg jeff5tg May 12, 2011 11:17 AM Flag

    Eric acquired 200k shares of stock


    If I read this right he paid nothing for the shares and since they vest over time maybe the company is scared he will find a better job? Rather than find this bullish combined with what I am guessing will be horrible performance soon to be reported it sort of leaves me concerned.

    I just read it quick but apparently he had very few shares prior to this report.

    Either they have some sales to be reported at their conference call or it is going to have been a dismal quarter again. The question becomes how many dismal no sales quarters can they survive. The Koreans give them some breathing room but the clock runs. Perhaps they better start getting lucky and run a bit harder if possible. As far as Tier it is just a little company that only occupies a little facility and has about fifteen inexpensive cars in the lot not counting the former owners SL. Nothing there suggesting it's revenue can carry ZBB. Maybe the Tier sale to ZBB allows a trade up from the SL. Didn't the Tier guy sell some ZBB stock he got - I forget.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • No, the TIER guy did not sell any shares. Also, Will just acquired shares at 1.16 per share, 50k worth. It certainly isn't out of the ordinary to give options in lieux of some pay. I view it as a positive that Eric is getting shares for compensation that are 1 year to vest and then can only be sold in 3 installments, just like Will.

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