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  • jeff5tg jeff5tg Nov 13, 2011 6:54 AM Flag

    Factory Tour


    Good morning early bird. There was little being assembled or in view. The low ceilinged area of the plants being used for a test of a couple products and for manufacturing of what they call stacks.

    The high ceiling area was mostly vacant except for storage of a few cabinets and what I think are he containers for their solution. they mentioned they are bring in 3000 amps to the high ceiling space which implies they expect to begin manufacturing.

    If you are trying to gain a feel for finished goods inventory I saw none. If you are trying to get a feel for work in progress it was not obvious. If you are trying to get a feel for the time it takes to build the product for an order I think I recall Scott replying 3 weeks to a person who asked on the tour.

    At this time the question becomes would you be more concerned by seeing substantial finished goods inventory or no finished goods inventory?

    The product looks like a bunch of circuit boards, maybe produced at Tier, placed in a cabinet probably assembled elsewhere, with plastic containers (made elsewhere) holding liquids. Much of the product is software which is hard to touch on a plant tour.

    If you are trying to touch a inventory for comfort there is no comfort from my viewing of the plant. On the other hand why would they have built finished goods inventory when they parts are easy to obtain, fast to assemble and use working capital? Physically it is just a tall cabinet with circuit boards and plastic tanks of liquids and a electrical buss and proprietary software.

    Offices appeared to have enough space for considerable hiring.

    Feelin like you should have stayed in bed?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • To follow up on Jeff's, it would be difficult to have a bunch of product being built in place when the V3 wasn't done yet...what would they be building? They were building some V2s as back up b/c it will be obsolete when the V3 rolls out. They also said they were commencing building their first V3 there starting 2 days ago on Friday.

      Parking lot was sufficient for now, but certainly not terribly large. Street parking is available should the ramp be super fast. I heard someone say turn around on some product was 20 to 30 weeks and that should be cut in half shortly as manufacturing gets going and then they are gonna cut it in half again. They do test each product prior to shipping.

      For anyone that didn't catch the efficiency item I posted at the beginning. It will be over 70% and they can definitely get it over 80%.

    • Stay in bed. Nah enjoying what mornings I have to get out for a run before I need to start wearing the thermo gear.

      The product? I believe you might be referring to one of the modules on the tour. To your point physically it might not be impressive, although it is quite sophisticated.

      And what is with everyone and the parking lots?

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