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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 Nov 14, 2011 9:22 AM Flag

    Factory Tour

    From the quarterly report:

    $266,107 increase in commercial product sales and revenues

    The increase in commercial product sales and revenues consisted of sales attributable to our Tier Electronics Power Conversion Systems business, which we acquired in January 2011

    Cost product sales: 156,671

    Increase in selling, general, and administrative expenses of $599,268 due primarily to the inclusion of $280,000 related to Tier Electronics in the 2011 period

    Not sure how to interpret that last item ...

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    • Tier intangibles charge: $2 million for "trade secrets" amortized over 3 years

      so a charge of $200K/quarter through Jan 2014.

      Eric offered some interesting color on the call on what Tier will be focused on in the future including some intriguing potential with Cummins Crosspoint.

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      • lots of sizzle potential including tier imho.
        would have liked to hear more about korea and china but imho a good call, lacked analysts though. eric and cfo(?) fielded questions well. it seems products are read or close to ready, now have to wait for markets to develop? the EV market is growing, no doubt about that, have no idea if big box retailers will buy battery systems but i imagine DOD, commercial companies with fleets of EV vehicles will have interest. NAVY sounded interesting. Certainly didn't have any "bad" news.

    • BTW, I'm not trying to say anything pro or con about the acquisition. I'm sure there are many benefits you can't see from the quarterly report, but I think it's fair to review what you can see.

      Every company is usually breathless about acquisitions, and like baseball trades and sports drafts in general, it takes a number of years to asses how they panned out.

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