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  • uqmpower uqmpower Nov 10, 2011 12:24 PM Flag

    Factory Tour

    Can anyone that attended the annual meeting and toured the facility, comment on the quantity and type of product that was being assembled and in view?

    Thanks in advance.

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    • Back to the factory topic, Eric make an oblique reference during my Tier question to building stuff for Tier as well in that space. We should hope the Variable Torque Motors (VTM) stuff distributed by Cummins Crosspoint (as referenced in a separate topic) takes off and we have a steady specialized inverter business as we wait for the demos to be accepted/proved and the big contacts to come.

    • This is my first post. Let me start by saying I own ZBB and have for quite some time. I bacame interested when I noted insider buying to provide working capital. Vary rare that one see's this. Obviously suggests confidence.
      Are we going to make money with ZBB. Don't have a clue, I gotten the beads out and will light the candles. At this stage of the game that's about all you can do.
      And now to the reason for this post. Are you guys serious. The plant "looks clean" which of course suggests.....Or, how many parking spaces......Even better, lets' get an aerial view......By the way, the best was watching some of you fall over each other chasing ZBB up to .89 as though there's no tomorrow.
      As a 70+ year old speculator who's been at this game longer than most of you have been alive I'm going to give you guys (and ladies) some free advise (remember if it's free it MAY not be worth much, or maybe it could be)Your goal is to build a position with as little capital at risk as possible----how is that you say----well, NEVER chase a start up, What you really want is a big seller who (maybe he needs a tax write off, cash for the X wife, or what ever) anyway, pray for a seller who drives the price down. YES, at this point you want the price to GO DOWN.....REMEMBER, YOU WANT TO BUILD A POSITION AT THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE......Well guess what, we've got a seller, Lets hope he continues and we have a chance to add to our positions below .50. NOW, that would REALLY BE NEWS TO GET EXCITED ABOUT... Good Luck to all.

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      • And with your first post you show very little. I would definitely say it is not good for the stock to go down below .50 so 'some folks can buy cheap'. If that were the case you could have bought in the .20s last could put a real crimp on raising cash or really hammer the dilution should the need arise. Thanks for the advise...err, I mean advice.

        Signed ~~ mooselope ~~ the sarcastic idiot as I'm sure you'll view me after my

    • Get the economy started again and oil back to 120 and I bet EV gets going.

    • With that being said, which is why I'm invested here. The possibilities this company currently has make it worth well above a 24 million market cap, NO? I've seen companies with 0 revenue and no revenue in the forseaable future trading at 200 million just on hype and speculation.

    • i remember a few years ago GM sent representatives to educate state govt's that the EV was coming and they were going to have to prepare for a 30% increase or something like that in electricity demand but EV introduction has been slower than predicted. just saying lots of moving pieces to the EV charging market.

    • anyway, EV charging just one of numerous applications they have developed for potentially reducing energy costs for utility, commercial and military apps. :)

    • geez moose, you thunk that up all by yourself? i'm just saying i'll get a little more excited about it when i see some numbers as to the economics, etc. someone has to pay for the batteries, the article i just posted talks about a subscription service. smart meters were supposed to take off like hotcakes and they haven't.

      i guess i'm just a little more cautious than you are. as eric stated, declining solar costs will be a big factor, right now excess solar sold back to the utility doesn't have a very good return if any, if i had a fleet of ev vehicles a solar/battery/charging combo might look very good, assuming i could put in enough solar. as far as apartments/homes, etc, wouldn't they just charge up at night when rates are already low?

      we can discuss to death, sounds like they have a lot of potential, ok? but nothing is certain until the fat lady sings.

    • Was Tier a topic of discussion at all?

      Did Jeff Reichard speak at all?

      What about Tier's facilities ... anyone get a look?

      I had hopes that Tier would be producing some (steady?) revenues for the company, but I don't remember it being mentioned much lately on this board or in company PR releases.

      How long should we wait till we decide whether this was a good use of company funds?

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      • From the quarterly report:

        $266,107 increase in commercial product sales and revenues

        The increase in commercial product sales and revenues consisted of sales attributable to our Tier Electronics Power Conversion Systems business, which we acquired in January 2011

        Cost product sales: 156,671

        Increase in selling, general, and administrative expenses of $599,268 due primarily to the inclusion of $280,000 related to Tier Electronics in the 2011 period

        Not sure how to interpret that last item ...

    • Jeff,how large was the parking lot?

    • Clean, well maintained, evidence of activity and a few new folks being trained standing around watching. I believe they said there were commencing some activity on building a V3 stack on Friday. There was a lot of empty space that I can see humming a long 3 months from now. They were building I think they said something like 60 stacks or something of V2 to finish current orders and have back up if something broke on a shipped unit b/c it will be obsolete when the V3 commences.

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