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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 Nov 19, 2011 11:48 AM Flag

    AXPW, and exactly what are we ULing?

    And they're combining Solar with it as described here:

    and from AXPW's 3Q release this week:

    Our onsite PowerCube™ ("Cube") is in the final days of testing as we move toward tying into the grid. We are qualifying for dispatchable power applications and will be proving out the Cube's ability to provide power quality, back-up power, power smoothing, and load leveling. This .5MW Cube can easily be scaled up or down from this building block size.
    We continue to evaluate the market for smaller Cubes for residential and community storage and larger Cubes for utilities, oil rigs and other larger applications such as solar and wind. We anticipate establishing additional formal marketing agreements for some of these applications in the fourth quarter of 2011.

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    • so what is your point, sell all battery stocks because there is competition, they hype their products, they are a risky investment?

      you could post 24/7 here on zbb's competition.

      they are adding solar? wow, batteries and solar, you'd have to go back decades to find zero companies offering that.

    • The UL listing is for the PECC or Enersection as it's now called. UL certificate is required for devices that connect to the grid-not the battery. One important role of which is to prevent the system from back feeding into the power grid during an outage and electrocuting repair people. There was a poster, Loama319, a while back that pointed out that UL certification is not needed when the device is located behind the fence. The fence could refer to substations, power generation station, oil platforms, etc. Thus, power cube won't need UL for these applications. Unfortunately, ZBB's high powered Enersection models are just starting the UL process-although is should be much faster given that they are based upon the low power model. So in situations where another battery manufacturer needs a UL approved unit, ZBB is there to provide a battery agnostic inverter/controller solution. Battery agnostic is the key word as different storage situations dictate a variety of batteries depending upon the desired characteristics.

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