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  • wasupsucka wasupsucka Nov 21, 2011 3:55 PM Flag

    AXPW, and exactly what are we ULing?

    to be fair, a typically sized 45-50 kW back-up generator is a healthy size (in my market:midwest), you don't usually back-up every single thing in the building/hospital/etc, just critical loads.
    If you think about in terms of, oh say, a car battery with 80 cold-cranking amps at 12 volts, thats .96 kW available... but not for an hour of cranking! The time the power is available is probably more important, one number without the other is meaningless. (IMO)
    Also, I am curious if the 25kW is peak or continuous rating, if anyone knows? Most electrical installations that include wire, fuses, electric panels, etc, that are rated continuous-duty, are limited to 80% of max. capacity. Anyone read that deep on this product? In other words, is it 25 kW peak, 20 kW continuous duty?
    I have more powder, and even took some shares off the table prior to the dropppppp, but this still sucks... long time until the end of the year. Maybe tax-loss thinking will stop after the holiday, but I doubt it.

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