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  • mooselope69 mooselope69 Dec 13, 2011 12:06 AM Flag

    Totally OT: Am I completely

    out in left field here with this entire Drone being taken down by Iran? The US would like Iran to give our spy plane back to us? WTF ~ Are you kidding me? We are their arch enemy and they'll just stick it on the next ship and send it back to us and in return we'll unfreeze some of their bank ? Then the US claims it came down b/c of a malfunction ~~ WTF? It had a malfunction 50,000 feet in the air and fell to the ground and is completely intact? That makes sense. Let's top it all off. Our plane has top secret reflective paint and a top secret optical eye that can identify terrorists from 50,000 feet in the air, and we have no self-destruction mechanism Should scenario A,B or C occur...and to top that off we have no remote detonation device installed so if the self destruct mechanism actually existed and didn't work, we could just blow it up ourselves inside their facility while they are looking at it and flaunting it on TV (or well prior to them getting it in there). I am clearly out of touch with reality since our Government clearly has this all figured out. The funny part of this is Iran is going to sue us for spying and infringing on the sovereign territory....I mean, what are they going to win in the lawsuit, some of our debt, some of our government employees, our coal...perhaps we will send a battleship over there and it will run aground on a sand bard 12 feet from shore and we'll ask their revolutionary guard to help push it back out to sea.

    So absurd.

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