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  • ted42001 ted42001 Dec 15, 2011 10:57 AM Flag

    noticed a buy order for over 250k shares

    about a week or so ago i noticed a buy order that was active for the better part of a day for 250k plus. got sidetracked and really don't know how much of the order was filled. the order was a penny or 2 under the best bid at the time. thought that was extremely bullish is why i added to my position recently. todays news about additional buying by insiders etc. of over 1 million shares is as well bullish. hope the stock spikes up and i am sure other investors want the same.

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    • Thats what has been going on with Level II. There has been a ton of support on the bid for the stock for the last two weeks and it's still very significant. Like I've been saying, folks have been trying to buy in, with quite a bit of shars without moving the share price up.

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      • Oh, TRYING to buy ...

        I thought you meant they actually had been buying ... my bad.

        I'm certainly no expert and haven't paid your amount of attention, but don't "folks" frequently play games with this kind of thing all the time?

        If you actually wanted to accumulate a significant position, wouldn't you have your trade manager surrogates split your order up over time so as not to "show your hand?"

        For example, you put this kinda move (big buy order) out when you really want to sell a chunk ... as some folks will think ... ah ... somebody really wants to buy big, I better get in now ...

        though of course you have to be prepared to pay the $$ if somebody bites ...

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