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  • wtblanch5 wtblanch5 Jan 8, 2012 9:59 AM Flag

    UL Approval on or about Jan 12

    China is making a big push into electric vehicles. I have a position in KNDI, which makes very lightweight and inexpensive cars with "quick change" batteries under the rocker panel. The company appears to be politically well connected, and the required infrastructure is getting built with further political connections to power generation and battery companies. Air pollution is a huge problem there in addition to their actual and feared dependence on foreign oil.KNDI seeks to produce a lot of cars for the masses, and I think they've got a good shot. They will recharge the batteries in off-peak periods.

    (And yes, I appreciate the irony of owning a Chinese stock and complaining about lack of "faith" in ZBB's joint venture. Though if their technology gets stolen, it'll be a fair fight in their courts.)

    Have you considered what happens if our Fracking Techniques (especially Gasfrac which doesn't use water :-) to Frack ) get exported to lots of other countries? What if the Russian near monopoly on Nat Gas were broken in Europe? I know Poland is pushing Fracking already. France of course has banned it, but if you get the Water issue out the way, even they might come around if Gasfrac figures out a good way to license or export their technology.

    Not to say you don't raise lots of good points, but we've heard a lot of them for quite a while and yet we keep stumbling along ... and when the economics of higher oil prices get in place, actions we haven't thought of seem to keep appearing ...

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