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  • mooselope69 mooselope69 Jan 20, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

    How about a sale today

    at noon and a close over .90? I don't think that is too much to ask for on this cold Friday.

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    • Say Moose it seems to me that at least once a year about this time somone wants to make sure that we arn'y fully compliant. Is this the same rat that wants to jump ship every year but in a differant uniform?? Compliance has never really been in doubt for several years why all this bulls--t.


    • Very true, then perhaps you should short it with all the money you have and make a boatload! Please let us know when you short it and how much so we can all celebrate in your success.

    • So we're 8 days past the UL cert, and we know there's a backlog. What's a reasonable amount of time to wait for some contract announcement?

      They've certainly announced others before installation and payment ...

      Or maybe the 25kW is just too small? The AXPW-PJM PowerCube Nov-Dec stuff featured a 100kW Inverter.

      ZBB says 60 and 125 UL-cert in process ...

      Maybe all of them are waiting on the V3 too? I believe the last we heard related to V3 was this:

      "Completion of V3 engineering and design, and commencement of build-out for V3 production facility"

      Would be nice to know how long they expect the "build-out" to take ...

      And if we can't get a contract PR, maybe a "completion" announcement would give us a boost ...

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      • I do not think any contracts were specifically waiting on UL at all, especially since the certification was completed a couple months ago they just needed stickers. The only thing that changed for ZBB is they were probably able to ship a couple million in revenue for the quarter that was contingent on UL, which means they probably will not need to dilute this quarter. Wouldn't shock me to almost see a break even to profitable quarter for this quarter then a reversion back for a few quarters of losing money. Buys us some time with no dilution though, which is a good thing.

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