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  • tony_moroney1 tony_moroney1 Feb 23, 2012 4:58 PM Flag


    Just took a quick look at the ZBB Annual Report and noticed this lanuage -

    Geographies such as China, India and South Korea not

    Interesting to note that India is the only one where they are not yet publicly active.

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    • India, Mexico and China are going to have the highest growth in cell phone towers over the next several years (India, Mexico and China are expected to grow at %17 AGR to 2015, adding more that 600,000 more cell towers by then). The average tower in India uses 20 liters of diesel a day ($90 a day in diesel fuel per tower).

      Since diesel power generation is not a sustainable way ($$$ to support maintenance and operations of those generators at each tower) to the to support their cell phone networks, it would make sense for those providers to seek alternative solutions.

      So as ZBB solutions are integrated into military development projects (Arista, Eaton, etc) and the market in general becomes more aware of ZBB and it's proven technology, cell phone network providers could prove to be a new market for ZBB growth.

      If this demand materializes in developing countries such as those with limited and remote grid tied access to power, power storage solutions (backup/alternative to the current diesel power solutions) could provide for massive growth of ZBB and of course massive growth of the value of ZBB shares.

      That is why I am long on ZBB. GLTA

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      • Of course, not forgetting the other lucrative growth opportunities for ZBB:

        PV (Solar) and Fast-Charge Electric Vehicles:
        ZBB EnerStore™ V3 Zinc-bromide flow battery and 25 kW inverter integrated with PV (solar) and fast-charge electric vehicle charging while connected to the grid to provide a continuous supply of energy and optimize the interconnected resources serving commercial customer sites for integrated PV and EV charging.

        Smart Commercial Building Platforms:
        Integration of multiple energy storage devices with PV (solar) and a conventional power generation as is used by most commercial buildings. Commercial building backup power integration supplies continuous power to critical (AC and DC) loads such as LED lighting, HVAC systems, security and telecom equipment, motor and regeneration power for elevators, and EV level 3 fast charging stations.

        Integrated Power Management:
        Provide an energy system for use in grid interactive (grid-tied) applications utilizing the ZBB EnerSystem™ integrated power management and energy storage platform. ZBB's grid-syncing architecture allows for direct power flows to and from the grid based on demand response, load management and supply shifts, regardless of the connected renewable supply.

    • Anyone advise the best partner to team with in India as in 1,2,3rd choice ?

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