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  • i read in red herring magazine how pki is the new
    technology of choice in the internet security industry and
    how it will grow at a compound annual growth rate of
    62% until 2003. this is what ltnx specializes in
    isn't it? this stock should be held for the long term.
    whenever this drops it is on very low volume. good luck.

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    • I find it interesting that you and your family
      who claims to own in excess of 220,000 shares of LTNX
      and buying more each week asked the question about
      PKI in your post. You have invested millions of
      dollars in a company and apparently you have no idea what
      they do. Something smells here. I suggest you check
      out the PKI Forum which LTNX is a member of. You
      might just learn something which will prevent you from
      posting these absurd messages. Check out the leaders in
      the PKI area, which have together over 80% of the PKI
      market and growing. ENTU, VRSN, RSAS, BALT with Entrust
      being the leader.