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  • outondfarm outondfarm Nov 27, 2008 11:23 PM Flag


    Every time I read a post by you, I fall in love w/ such feminine elegance and intellect I rarely encounter. God... your intellect is so attractive to me...
    are you single? :)

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    • shades of Beatrice Portinari..?..hope so...

    • Well Porcini, you certainly haven't disappointed in your taste of the arts. I have never been accused of lacking imagination however, you know, if the shoe fits...

      I prefer the more lighter side found in the visions and imagination of Dali. He's as deep as one can ascend but without a statement of violence or anger.

      As to your polygamist family family Thanksgiving Day, I truly hope your husbands faired better than those depicted in your tasteful art.

      ...and by far, the finest porcinis are harvested in the region of Lago di Garda, IMO.

    • Interestingly enough,Caravaggio was not all that famous till this century
      But you do have some rather dynamic prose, so perhaps some yahoo junkies would aspire to a good beheading...
      Rather like a Praying Mantis looks forward to sex

      For me, I like a submissive woman.. or at least one who is made to submit...;)

    • I apologize for be the fly sitting on the bathroom toilet seat watching you and your not so future "bride not to be" embrace whispering sweet nothings, but I had my eyes covered with my hands... honest!

      (Tip...between just you and I farmer, tell her you like to wear a bra and panties when you're alone.)

    • Wooooa, a dominatrix as well? Damn! Damn! Damn!
      You are my dream come true....The PERFECT package.
      Fly, you better forget about it, I saw her first....he he

    • Gee porci, Was that a whip in your hands? Seems we may have unveiled a new dimension of your charactor...And while I've crossed many roads in my life, some I choose to never cross again, perhaps I'll run the dress idea past a friend of mine to see if she bites. LOL

      I even tried phone sex a long time ago but found the holes in the dialer were far too small!

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