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  • crun60 crun60 Feb 22, 2009 8:56 AM Flag

    Bonuses and Wage Increases

    Hoopster wrote and asked if executives would be getting bonuses and increases. I wonder too. I can't get over what has happened to SIGI stocks. Even three months ago, I never would have predicted that a "mark to market" correction would take such a toll on stockholders' investment.

    So, as a publicly traded company, where is the information about bonuses and increases that stockholders have a right to know?

    I suspect what SIGI will will congratulate itself for its efforts in these difficult times while squeezing mid and low level employees with lower than expected performance reviews, no bonuses or increases, while decreasing morale in a morale beaten environment.

    As a management strategy, it doesn't work. But it gets those bonus checks to the ones who believe in their entitlement above all others.

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    • regiv Mar 5, 2009 11:52 AM Flag

      You don't know Selective if you think management is putting the squeeze on employees.

    • David, Dale, doesn't matter. Really. What is terribly amusing though is that you have allowed yourself at least two posts of no real substance. The standard you unilaterally apply to others. Now what does that tell the readers?

      Do as I say and not as I do?

    • Wow, another 100% substance-free post.

      Okay, I admit it, I'm obviously a SIGI board member who is paid extra to shill on the Yahoo message board.

      You have no idea how amusing I find it when something like that is said. It's incredible.

      Anyone? Additional real discussion?

    • Now David, is that nice? No one tells you to only post on this board when you have something actually non-biased and helpful to say. I mean, aren't you playing the "I'm not an insider" thing to an extreme when you go on and on about things that only a confidential employee or member of the Board of Directors might know.

      And look where we are today...pushing awfully close to that $10/share mark. So when you have something realistic to say about where this company is headed, I'd be interested. In the meantime, you are spending more time playing the keys than I am reading what you write.

      This is not your board. Since this is a publically traded company, it is not your company. Since I own stocks in this company, I own a part of this company. So play those keys nice or get off MY board!

      (Wow! I am having so much fun since I joined this board to vent my frustration over these stocks. When this company recovers, ptk can have the board back to himself.)

    • Here we go again ...

      Intrigued, do you have a comment about investing in SIGI? Bull? Bear? Let us know.

      The easiest thing to do is to just say there shouldn't be arguments on message board. Now try posting on this board for any length of time, like I have.

      Let us know what you can ADD to the discussion. Thank you.

    • PTK - right or wrong, take a deep breath...

    • Not sure about raises and bonuses for senior management, but it seems to me that the market has over-reacted. Book value at end of September was $18.53. At end of year it was $16.84. That's a drop of less than 10% and presumably includes the mark to market adjustment. Meanwhile, the stock price has reacted by dropping by something like 40%. That's a lot. SIGI is now trading at a big discount to book value with a yield of over 4%. Sounds cheap.

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