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  • ThinkHard2a2 ThinkHard2a2 Sep 21, 2000 10:18 AM Flag

    Nice Pump and Dump is ON !!!

    Anyone who believes this company should be valued
    as an Optical Networking company or anything of that
    sort is a gullible idiot.

    They provide a dumb
    commodity product which is no big deal to begin with.

    Price target of 27 -- dream on, losers!! Like many of
    the suffering tech stocks this one will have the
    spike up, spike down and then stay down. Nice jokers.

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    • <EOM>

    • Optical Neworking company, it would be trading at
      over $100. MXC supplies some of the picks and shovels
      that optical networkers need. High tech picks and

      They made $500,000 last QUARTER. Take a look at their
      Market Cap and decide if MXC's a good value before you
      short this one.

      BTW, your argument is the same
      that many made about DIGL back when it ran up from $6
      to $16, when DIGL was getting new coverage w/ $20
      and $30 price target before the real runnup (over

      Good luck MXC longs.

      • 1 Reply to fabulouspoodle
      • Picks and shovels. Really!

        Fine if u claim
        so, but how high tech are they. Seiko-Epson leads in
        this field (timing devices, i.e. crystal oscillators).
        And they are huge. Tell me what competitive edge or
        unique product our little MXC has. Tried to find out
        more about their prodcts and R&D --looks like they
        don't even have a website and are not spending on R&D.
        In today's world and no company website -- ironic
        that soem of thier product eventually goes into
        internet support.

        They produce a basic commodity
        tech product which has met some increased demand. Wait
        till Epson-Seiko notice that U.S. people want more
        oscilaltors; MXC is a drop compared to the river Epson-Seiko!
        Basically MXC is increasing production in this, decreasing
        it in other places.

        The $27 price target in
        12 mos; I havent seen the link for this. But all
        techs have this huge targets. Nice short term buy but
        will trend down as news dries up -- and these guys
        never have news. Just my Opinion.

    • Awwww is the poor short getting squeezed this morning??........LOL..... tooooo bad.

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