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  • headturner_pompanobeach headturner_pompanobeach Feb 21, 2013 6:18 AM Flag

    Is something wrong with message boards?

    No messages since Feb 15th? Wondering if something is wrong with boards or is everyone just quiet?

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    • Head---over all I'd say many are fed up with the ever changing format with Yahoo Message Boards---The other think is nothing seems to change with NE---so many feel " why bother"

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      • Yep, ever changing, but some improvement is noted. Nice to see Petro in and about the board along with you Frog. Thought all had left for other oceans.


      • Not to mention, a fair number of the board regulars view this a something of a swing trade, lightening or exiting in the high 30s, getting back in when it dips. At the moment, I'm in that number having had all my shares called away in the recent run-up.

        In the mean time, there's tons going on with energy news. Brazil dropped it's luny campaign against CVX and RIG over that puny little spill from a year and a half ago. England thinks it has truly epic amounts of shale gas (not terribly good news for North Sea drilling, if they exploit it), PBR is is something of a free fall and may have to trim CAPEX, the Wolfcamp shale under west Texas looks to be even bigger than the Bakken or the Eagle Ford...... So, tons and tons of news, mostly general, and not much exciting to discuss about NE at the moment.

        Let NE drop a couple more bucks and the board will come back to life. And with the way the market is acting, that seems way more possible now than it did 2 weeks ago.

    • I hate this stupid message board change. I can't believe someone at yahoo thought this was an improvement. For instance, I replied to petro. When you click on messages, my reply to petro does not show up on the board, you have to click specifically on replies to petro's post to see mine. Why would anyone make things more complex instead of easier and think it's a good idea.

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