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  • schizo1688 schizo1688 Nov 17, 2010 10:11 PM Flag

    sivler going parabolic soon .


    zsl going below 10 by Christmas

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    • Parabolic is a section of a cone. As the move has been up that would suggest it is soon going down. I agree. It is heading down soon. But I think you went 'exponential', not 'parabolic'.

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      • >>>It (silver) is heading down soon. But I think you went 'exponential', not 'parabolic.'<<<<

        Nahhh. I believe the 50% move thus far, from the multi-year sideways, choppy pattern has barely Begun breaking out.

        $18 to $24 was just very minor (25%) first stage rally, so truly, good luck to all silver bears trying to get Ag back to $22s-$23s!!!

        Let's talk 'parabola' notions again in about 5 years. As to Silver itself's eventual price then, who knows, I won't even venture to guess, but I Will forecast ZSL to be a "rockbottom" $5 area +/- after at least one more 1-for-3 or 5 or 10 reverse split. :-D

        Keep watching for many more of ZSL's fantastic, lovely plummets to stock split NON-adjusted prices of...


      • Thirty two dollar silver will soon be cheap. Silver will be $40 plus by mid to late February. Forget the semantics. You can call it anything you want, but only one word will accurately define what is about to happen to both gold and silver. That word is parabolic.

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