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  • tomg86402 tomg86402 Apr 4, 2011 7:59 PM Flag

    Why silver is safe place to be

    Most people have no concept of how far in debt the US is. We are going another 1.6 Trillion dollars in debt this year. It will be added to the over 14 Trillion in US national debt, and over 55 Trillion total debt.

    Some numbers to think about:

    You win the lotto, they will pay you one million dollars at the rate of $1 dollar per second. You will be paid off in a little less then 12 days, not bad.

    You win a Billion dollars, again payable at $1 per second, you will be fully paid in 31 years.

    Now you really hit the jackpot, yes, you win a Trillion dollars payable at $1 per second.....take a deep breath... you will be fully paid in thirty one thousand six hundred eighty eight years.

    And people wonder why silver is going up.

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    • jermainestewartonehitwonder jermainestewartonehitwonder Apr 4, 2011 9:03 PM Flag

      There are always rationalizations like this for bubbles. I remember similar BS during the .com bubble.

      Make no mistake, this will end in disaster for silver. I've already got friends and families who got burned by the last two stock market bubbles bragging about buying silver.

      Silver should not be over $10 per ounce, probably much lower than that. It will get there eventually.

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      • Silver is only the yardstick used to measure the value of the US fiat dollar. Do you think the price of silver is in a bubble, or the fiat printing presses are running 24/7. The fed is buying 70 billion of us debt every month, creating money out of nothing to buy the debt, and you think silver is in a bubble. The US government has no silver, they sold what they had years ago, all they have is a printing press.

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