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  • kmsmith08 kmsmith08 Nov 7, 2011 9:44 PM Flag

    Only idiots buy this garbage .

    It is (almost) impossible. However, there is an easy way when silver is completely out of line, like when it was anywhere and everywhere over $40, for example. It's getting tougher now that pricing is apparently stabilizing in a zone somewhere between $25-$35. However, I am confident the long term trend is down, so will continue making moves into ZSL when silver is too high. In my view, right now, anything over $33 is too high and ZSL is ripe for a win. Overall, I've admitted on numerous occasions that I've lost many battles with silver, but have won the war. Stop losses are the trick. If I bet wrong, usually stops out within a day or two at loss of around 8%. When I win, usually between 25-60% gain. As such, only have to win about 1/3 of the time to make an, albeit small, net profit over time. In this market, any investment that you're ahead on since January 1, 2011, is a winner in my book. ZSL is one of my performers.

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