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  • truthteller2 truthteller2 Oct 19, 1999 6:27 PM Flag

    please everyone forget the stupid

    remark by that short seller gte4me or whatever. if the company were ever to be bought by the "big boys" we'd all do fabulously. you can tell the guy's an idiot. geez.

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    • Anyone know.

      If it's after QP ends - do you think analyst will be reluctant to post buys until earnings & revenues & minutes are reported?

      Thanks LOL

    • <EOM>

    • to China for Nov 3. Long term VOCL long and also
      long ITXC. This has to be the news we've been waiting
      for on VOCL. I thought the BELL news would move VOCL,
      but again, I was wrong. Your posts are very helpful
      to me. Thanks.

    • The comparison w PHCM is the proprietary
      pathway(The standard thats not a standard, now thats cool) if
      you want to go you have to go thru but you could go
      around. Like theres a game in the park but we play on the
      main field.

      The hooker for me was the Ameritech
      announcement. Then it was Sbc and Ameritech merging. Then it
      was DT(whom owns 18% VOCL whom owns 16% ITXC) talking
      to SBC. And BEll Atlantic and I cant even remeber
      the others somebody can list them Im so convinced my
      head is off to the next problem. There will be
      announcements real announcements substantial announcements. And
      if that isnt enough the earnings report on the 28th.
      Doesnt it feel like NTOP that Sunday night before it
      popped. Thats the similarity to N2Phone. Today stock had
      the MM getting things in order I think they know
      whats coming too. They took it back up and left it
      where they got it so no one got hurt. Today it was
      theres tommorrow the longs takeover. Go ITXC LOL

    • and everyone else who is waiting for my response.
      First of all I would like to tell you I am flattered
      that you think I either work for ITXC or know someone
      at ITXC and am getting information from them. It
      means 3 things.

      1. You are wrong in both
      assumptions. If you researched ITXC through its website, by
      reading the prospectus, looked at all other competitors
      or like competitors, and were diligent enough to
      understand ITXCs' business like I do, along with some common
      sense and vision you would know the hows and whats of
      ITXCs business. Common sense would tell you that if for
      example ATT was offering long distance they would NOT
      route the calls through MCI Worldcom pipes if they have
      their own. ITXC routes the calls through the net. They
      dont need pipes. Why would they terminate on a gateway
      that is not theirs? They wouldn't. They would dump it
      off at the gateway that is the best (efficient and
      quality wise) and that is closest to the call
      destination. The call is then handed off. The closer they can
      terminate the call to the destination, the less they pay
      out to carriers. All of the information I have
      provided is available on the internet. None of it is
      confidential and it is all my opinion(based on the information
      I have found).

      2. You do not have the
      understanding or knowledge about the business of ITXC. If you
      did have you would have gotten it from the same
      sources I did and would not have made the outrageous
      accusations that you have. I guess it also means that I have
      done a good job in my DD.

      3. You are pretending
      to be someone you are not. I know that and you know
      that. Everyone else has to base their opinions on you
      from what you have posted and likewise for me.

      I will not be responding to you or your posts from
      here on out because I know you are a fraud. Get help
      for your attention deficit disorder.

    • Global One named 'Best Carrier' at the World

      Communication Awards

      By Christopher Rose

      October 1999

      Readers were asked to rate
      carriers in term of carrier reach,
      flexibilty, quality of service, range of services, technical
      depth, pricing customer service and innovation.

      The awards, inaugurated this year by Emap Media, the
      publisher of Total Telecom, set out to recognise excellence
      in the service provider and carrier communiity. In a
      welcome message screened at the award ceremony, Arthur C.
      Clarke, author and futurist said "it is about time the
      work of the industry's pioneers was

      Best Wholesale Carrier: Global TeleSystems (GTS)
      ITXC Corp; KPNQuest)

      Entrepreneur of the Year:
      Runner-up, Tom Evslin CEO ITXC

    • I'd guess around 9,000,000.00


    • and minutes. From prospectus.

      Quarter ending:

      June 30,
      September 30, 1998.............643,700
      December 31,
      March 31, 1999..............11,076,600
      June 30,

      Telecommunications Revenue

      Six month period

      June 30, 1998.................$46,000
      December 31,
      June 30,
      Telecommunications revenues do not include consulting

      The growth rates in both minutes and revenues
      year-over-year are phenominal. Earnings (and I'm sure minutes)
      will be out next week. It should look good. Anyone
      care to guess at the revenues?

    • On his 2nd post he mentioned that he cannot disclose any more information or he will get in trouble.

    • hey lets all keep are goals in mind........$$$$$$$$ think before writing....... go itxc!!!!! ( watch the triple play) lol lol

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