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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Oct 20, 1999 1:57 PM Flag

    please everyone forget the stupid

    I have nothing against shorts. Contrary to
    popular opinion, both shorts and longs can make money in
    the same stock and coincide together in peace. It's
    all a difference of perspective and

    But I have to tell you, hearing you say you shorted
    ITXC at $33-7/16 one week before both an earnings
    release and the end of its quiet period?...WOW. Only time
    will tell if you were a genius or an idiot, but I will
    certainly grant you this have guts. Even if this
    company were a dog (which I do not think it is), I would
    never short a stock going into the end of a quiet
    period or an earnings report (let alone both). There's a
    lot of cash sitting out there looking for a home. I
    would question your risk/reward analysis. I don't think
    it's in your favor. You stand to gain a few points at
    most, but could lose much more. It will be fun to