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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Oct 21, 1999 6:34 PM Flag


    In addition to the quiet period ending on
    Saturday (with coverage beginning Monday), I think we have
    earnings coming out next Thursday. I don't want to be
    looked at as trying to hype the stock (although I am
    long), so let's just say I am very optimistic. This
    stock has not had any kind of runup so the downside is
    very limited (in my opinion). It has held up very well
    in a tough market. I think the upside is

    I also questioned fellow poster bueno's logic in
    shorting ITXC under the circumstances. Surprisingly
    (sarcasm), he didn't respond with any kind of rational
    analysis. He just repeated over and over again how ITXC was
    going to crash. He is really scaring me. I better sell
    as soon as possible (more sarcasm).

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    • This thing hasn't stopped running since it came out of the box. For me close to 100% in just three weeks. Running just fine, thank you.


      • 2 Replies to rjg43_1999
      • In response to my saying that ITXC has not had a
        runup, you said "This thing hasn't stopped running since
        it came out of the box. For me close to 100% in just
        three weeks. Running just fine, thank you."

        you take away the first 2-3 days of trading (always
        fairly volatile for an internet IPO) which saw both
        ITXC's low of $18+ and its high of $44, ITXC has traded
        in a very tight range of $30 to $35 almost the whole
        time. It only recently broke above $35. I do not
        consider that a runup by any definition, although what I
        really meant was that it was not one of those internet
        IPO's that is trading in the $60 to $100 range, triple+
        its original offering price.

        For you to have
        made almost 100% on ITXC so far, as you said you have,
        you obviously got in at the very bottom on those
        first two days of trading. For that I congratulate you.
        I am quite pleased with the stock too and I only
        got in at the low $30's.

        In any event, I think
        all ITXC longs will have more to cheer about this
        week. Let's hope we are in a situation to debate in the
        near future just how great ITXC's runup has been.

    • I normally do not try to compare one stock's
      chart with another but I feel the situation with ITXC
      is very similar to what just occurred with

      Take a look at EPNY's chart pre QP (ended 10/19) and
      then earnings came out noon 10/21. Now take a look at
      ITXC's and make your own jugdement. If earnings are good
      - this baby is going to fly.

    • i sold my 34 3/4, ready to get back in , though i have to pay more, just let me in before QP

    • bueno says ITXC is going to crash, oh no! I had
      better sell all my shares fast. It does not matter that
      ITXC is the leader in B2B IP telephony, a market that
      is in its infancy. It does not matter that some of
      the biggest names in business are investors. It does
      not matter that the stock has held up well in a tough
      market. It does not matter that revenues are rocketing.
      It does not matter that some of the world's biggest
      telcos are customers.

      All that matters is that
      bueno says sell! SELL! SELL! SELL!