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  • sfe306 sfe306 Dec 12, 2013 7:48 AM Flag

    Bad dilution today folks

    From page S-9 of prospectus:

    "If you invest in our common stock, your interest will be diluted immediately to the extent of the difference between the public offering price and the adjusted net tangible book value per share of our common stock after this offering."

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    • I'm loving the stock on sale.Going to pick some shares here very soon. I see the opposite of what you see.I see retail being washed out and institutions pile in. 11 mill shares is not allot of dilution at all. They needed money, they go it and in about 3-4 weeks the run up will start for Trimesta data. Its a double easy from here. Same loons said gale was dead after their share offer, stock doubled.

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      • Agree.

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      • Amen, brotha!

        I moved some funds today and bought more! Folks were sayin same on GALE and I am up now quite nicely on that investment! And it's only UP from here.

        Much on the horizon for both GALE and SYN.

        I have to say, I would have done this a tad differently. Offering FIRST, then PR about the new venture for IBS. Timing peeps. Timing. If it were my treasury guy who put this together, he'd be canned or at least we'd have a come to Jesus! ;) Just cuz I'm an SOB and a stickler for getting it right at work. And hey, I'm a finance guy! There are ways...then there is sometimes the exact right way to do something. Mission could have been accomplished with a lot less temporary downside to the PPS. IMVHO Of course, it's not like these guys care because they know where the PPS will be going and soon enough -- and they do have their marching orders I'm sure. I knew there would be built-in gain, but LORD, this is the best gain I've ever seen!

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