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  • jrb_38 jrb_38 Jul 21, 2006 12:18 PM Flag

    ot: Hezbolla rockets

    Their rockets are less actuate then the average US 4th of july skyrocket...geez...who the heck shoots those things off? Israel must be massing on the border to pick up all the lebanese villiage idiots!

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    • Yes.

      Everyday I prepare incrementally.

      "I know that you know that I know that you know that I know you know too"

      Oil? (gasoline prices)
      Bush, Putin, Chavez, King Abdullah etc,... they are luvin' this, think about that one... in Nov 2004 I purchased a new 4cyl Honda extra driver car ~35mpg (excellent vehicle) as the smoke signals and tom tom's off in the distance were clear enough.

      Illegal Immigration?
      Fox exports those on the "low end", rather than weighing on Mexican infrastructure, they go to U.S., work and send money (back) to Mexico (family)... money is spent in Mexico driving economy w/o associated wear on infrastructure... Fox has it made, and He knows U.S politicians see this as a "third rail" and hence most avoid direct contact + we have the "anchor baby" effect.

      Not sure, can we differentiate between SONS and Sonus? I believe Sonus is doing very well, "SONS" condition however, is more prone to exogenous drive-by "orchestrated" negative externalities like people shorting naked, or is that naked shorting?... I've heard of one guy that trades only when barefoot...

      ... One surefire way to fix that!- Revenue and Earnings growth- hello Hassan??

      Be well and good my friend-

    • You said kill all your enemies or... Do you remembered the killing of the all new born boys by Herod the Great when he learned that the New King of Judea (Jesus) was born? Did he succeed?

    • Steve:
      Yep; we shall return.


      Still climbing, listening, looking, learning...

      Is this not to See?

      Arnie, they say that the interval is about every 40-50 years, i guess we're due again?

    • The Jews took over land that was lived in by other people based on an historical/biblical claim of ownership. It was analogous to a group of native Americans coming to your house and kicking your ass out because their great great great great great...grandparents once lived on the land where your house is.

      Today, one can reasonably argue that the tables are turned - as the Jews have lived in Israel for a couple of generations and the unfortunate Palestinians find themselves, like the Jews did after WWII, trying to stake a claim based on increasingly ancient history.

      Should Israelis defend themselves? - of course. But unless you are willing and able to exterminate ALL of your enemies and potential enemies, you had better find a way to stop making enemies. Same goes for the U.S.

    • S:
      Never thought I'd be commending a post on world affairs/politics on a finance message board. They generally take up space with more heat than light and require resorting to the 'Ignore' option.

      You're a exception--flat out smart !

    • They are not guided missles but rockets. They are launched from equipment as large as cement mixers. These are not the quasi rockets your thinking of.

    • sons4

      thanks for the kind words
      hope all is well with you and yours

      -- i wish i had something positive to say
      this year's reunion was distinctly somber
      and in many ways depressing --
      one who has made dp (definite promote)
      to colonel will probably resign
      rather than continue on for yet another
      deployment in the land of raze and rebuild --
      their third in just over 3 years
      -- and not for the obvious reasons
      this person has two masters and has
      studied extensively at the war college --
      rather -- it has to do with the lack
      of accountability from the very top on down--
      there is so much more...i wish i could add

      and then there was/is the distinct belief
      that this admin has reaped what it has sown
      because of the gross incompetence and
      outright cronyism that has been in place
      since day one -- that combined with not
      ONE DIPLOMAT -- amongst the sorry lot --
      well -- you get my drift...

      you and i are in complete agreement
      re: those who are "running" this country
      and i suspect it sure must feel like
      armageddon to the civilians caught up
      in this mess --

      and as we approach the 5th anniversary of 9/11
      i find it ironic
      that our "security" is negligible
      due to our porous borders
      and fiscally
      could we be any weaker?

      i keep going back to the old ussr
      it took them 6 years
      in their fall from super-power status....

      as for sonus
      i sure hope
      they kick butt
      and name names
      i need something uplifting
      and i'd sure like -- not --
      to have to wait another year....
      even tho' i will -- <small grin>

      wish you the best

    • Glad to see a familiar face in this weird yahoo format.
      What's your military family saying about this latest mess we've (indirectly, sort of) gotten the world into? Funny how Bush and Condy are letting it "play out" before they get involved. Real humanitarians, this administration. Is it racism or just stupidity to think it's ok to inflict so much pain on civilians in the Middle East? What worked in Iraq is good enough for Lebanon.
      Dumbest fu*kin people running this country who have ever been in office.
      Is it time for Armageddon yet?
      Oh yeah, Sonus better do something good soon. Earnings will be telling.
      Stay safe.

    • liz

      glad to see the dumbing down
      of america -- doesn't affect you

      it's refreshing to see -- that --
      there are still some
      who haven't lost either
      their curiosity
      or their intellectual capacity
      to look beyond -- that --
      which is sometimes
      not quite so obvious...

      america's corporately owned media
      only reports
      what they want reported
      what is that called again? <sad sigh>

      as for sonus
      patiently waiting
      for 8/7 to roll around
      this one could be telling--

      take care

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