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  • sons4sons sons4sons Jul 24, 2006 8:45 AM Flag

    Now come on Condy

    so you might have to travel back to the region in 7 months...big friggin deal, it's your job.
    Get a cease fire now!

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    • Better go back and read your history. Clinton administration gave NK between 1 and 4 billion dollars to stop their nuke and missle program. They got the money. They never stopped their nuke and missle program they expanded it with our money.

    • Had we run any one other than Kerry for president, I believe he would have been elected. IMO

    • >> I shudder to think what the world would be like if Gore had won in 2000 or if Kerry had won in 04. <<

      How could things be worse than the present situation? If Gore was president, things would probably be very much like they were under Clinton. Iran would not be nuclear, North Korea would not be further advanced in their weapons program, we would have a balanced budget, we would be making a much greater effort to wean ourselves from our oil addiction, and the people who planned 9/11 would probably be captured, while avoiding an unnecessary war in Iraq. I know you wingnuts hate to be reminded of this: the people who planned the WTC attacks in 1993 are making license plates, the people who planned the WTC attacks in 2001 are making videos. Results count.

    • You are an A-1 ass for spamming this board.

    • As I understand it, he laments that Israel is doing Hezbollah because "we" didn't invade Lebanon sooner and leave Saddam with sanctions lifted and no fly zones removed. But that's just a guess. I shudder to think what the world would be like if Gore had won in 2000 or if Kerry had won in 04.

    • So you want a cease fire?
      Your the type of feminized puss who thinks he can negociate with a home invader who is raping his wife and geting ready to kill his kids. You fucking disgrace. Have a sex change operation or just admit you are a pacifist pussboy who want's someone to tell him how to think.

    • no cease fire, no return of troops until the job is done!!! We must take the fight to the terrorists and the coutries that continue to support terrorism!!!

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      • Unfortunately it is nothing more than "Bush is right but I would have been right sooner." In a Michigan bar, Kerry said that if he had been president this wouldn't have happened and that we should have gotten rid of hezbollah sooner. He never explained that (surprise) except that to say "he" would not have been distracted by Iraq. Presumably, in the Kerry presidency the US would have invaded Lebanon on it's own while refusing to be distracted by Saddam's fully geared WMD program sitting much closer to Israel than Iran. This is a man who has never taken a gutsy position in his life. Are there really democrats who want to nominate him again?

    • I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming this kind of blather isn't the result of stupidity but just your knee-jerk blame america first mentality with possibly some anti-semitism thrown in. The lebanese government does not have control of the country, the UN resoultion to disarm hezbollah has been ignored. There will be no cease fiore till the job is done. No-one can imagine any mid east peace with terrorists on Israel's border and that's why no-one really wants a cease fire. I suspect this whole thing pisses you off because you can see that once again it will make the republicans look like the party that can export security and defeat terrorists while democrats sit back once again scratching their heads and wondering what the focus groups tell them to say. It will also make Condi look like a formidable VP candidate won't it? :)

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