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  • soccerdad6264 soccerdad6264 Feb 6, 2013 5:24 PM Flag

    SONUS has never been better positioned for sustained growth & profitability or more attractive as a takeover target!

    As a long shareholder, Sonus offers investors the best of both worlds!. 1). They are rapidly gaining traction across all their core products, stealing market share and significantly outpacing the overall industry growth rate of the RED HOT unified code and SBC industry sector. Sonus has clearly emerged as being the the best-in-breed equipment and services provider in the enterprise and service provider sector of the SBC and UC space with disruptive products and technology that offers customers the clear best choice and value in the full range of enterprise and service provider UC SBC field tested and proven 1) superior quality and reliability, 2) scalablility 3) interoperability across multiple networks 4) most efficient and most attractive ROI with the quickest recovery of their capitalized investment. According to CEO Ray Dolan, 2013 is the YEAR that Sonus makes a transformational and definitive move to 1) linear, more predictable and sustainable sequential profitability and 2) will become cash flow generative from operations on a sustainable and high growth basis. In addition, they fully expect to successfully complete the Microsoft Lynx-based acquisition of NET and for that acquisition to become accretive to earnings in 2013. Sonus is experiencing tremendous product acceptance, demand, adoption and uptake across all its core product lines from a very captive and rapidly expanding diverse customer base and is very rapidly completing a very successful transition to an all IP and UC SBC-based pure play, high growth, high margin company. According to Dolan, 2013 is the year that Sonus benefits from all the hard work of the past 8 quarters and focuses on driving profitability and generating net cash flow from operations all working towards enhancing shareholder value. And 2). With the recent acquisition of APKT by ORCL it really ups the ante and pressure on CSCO and other potential suitors to quickly gain traction, competitive positioning, market share momentum, and Intellectual Property rights tothe best soups to nuts UC SBC suite of high demand products that are considered by many in the industry to be second to none, When considering these strategic growth initiatives, complimentary fit, competitive positioning, time to market, and both short term market penetration and long-term growth potential, Sonus Networks is clearly the most attractive acquisition target in the market. In addition, Sonus is flush with nearly $300+ million in cash, has next to zero in debt is positioned for explosive growth and their stock is so grossly undervalued and dirt cheap at under $5.00 share. I'm sure SONS is at the top of the "Must Have" acquisition list of Cisco and many other prospective suitors who want to participate in the long disruptive, high growth, high margin cycle associated with UC SBC's. I would not be surprised by announced news of a SONS acquisition in the price range of $6 to $8, imho however, if a bidding war erupts for this "Must Have" RED HOT acquisition target, it could conceivably go for a much higher price. As these are only my comments and opinions, as always, do your own independent research and due diligence before making any individual stock investments.

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    • Hey Soccer - I always enjoy your thorough review of the situation. I agree completely with all you've said. However you need to realize this company will never sell at the level you suggested because Chandler will never allow it. We know his average price is around 6.50. Why would a billionaire who has held since 2007 just want his money back? They will stay independent until the largest shareholder gets at least a 4 or 5 bagger!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • "if a bidding war erupts"

      How do you know a bidding war hasn't already taken place with Oracle and Cisco and Oracle passed and did the deal with APKT?

      Maybe SONS is very close to a deal with CSCO already for $1.6 to $2.0 Billion?

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