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  • phage,

    You may be giving the hedge funds more credit than they're due. They have a less than stellar record recently. Rocker has been shorting ALD and ACAS for well over a year.

    He has lead henchmen in Greenberg, the self-proclaimed "financial wizard" journalist and Cramer, the talking head. Both deny any affiliation. Greenberg has been attacking the business model and accounting as frequently as possible. Unsuccessful so far. Both ALD and ACAS have been in business for years. Longer for ALD. If the model was bad to begin with, why is it that the hedge funds just discovered it? ALD and ACAS haven't changed it.

    Hedge fund managers aren't geniouses, contrary to the record they claim they have.
    Desperation leads to positioning and attacking.

    Many remain happy just having Rocker pay them dividends for years.

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