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  • stockastic1 stockastic1 May 10, 2005 11:52 AM Flag


    make a profit from selling a car? thought the profit came from the financing........
    GM/Ford should look into this.....

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      Graytop, I'm a bit confused here. So, because no for-profit company will insure those who need it most, you make an exception for you, me, and all the other seniors. It's OK for us to get government help. That's where I think we depart company. Either you buy into to for profit system and swim or sink with it, or you find some room for our government to help.

      Once the door is open for any exception, it becomes only a matter of degree as to how "socialist" each of us really is. Can't have it both ways. If it's only when it helps us in our specific circumstances, I'm uncomfortable with that.

    • "If I said something factually wrong please correct me. You are such a fool that you didn't know enough not to buy insurance you didn't need and weren't required to buy."

      I don't think I ever said I did not need insurance! Where in hell did you get that? I might well be a "fool", but I don't buy what I do not need. Perhaps when you get a little older you will start to understand. How many times do I have to repeat, "I HAD NO OTHER CHOICES" Does that sink in? No private insurer will take you if you are eligble for medicare!!!!! If you want, I can write it in a couple other languages beside english, but since you respond in some form of this language, I was under the impression you understood it.

    • If I said something factually wrong please correct me. You are such a fool that you didn't know enough not to buy insurance you didn't need and weren't required to buy. Since I don't care what a fool has to say I am done with you.

    • "R Reagan signed off on it"

      I knew you would find a way to pin it on a Republican. Reagan makes it perfet. Now we can all sleep in peace, knowing that no democrat would ever think of "cutting social security">

      "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT. Again, that is a choice you made, and if you're " When are you going to wake up and live in the real world. what an idiot you must be.

    • One thing is for sure, you have a lot of words, with no intelligence. When you have something of worth, let us know. You still don't understand a damn thing.

    • <Boy, you don't know much do you? First of all, since retiring six years ago, I have still payed more in premiums to medicare than I have received in the form of payment for my health care.>

      Maybe, maybe not, but I do know that if you are still paying Medicare premiums its because you elected the optional part B of Medicare. That's optional in that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT. Again, that is a choice you made, and if you're so damned healthy why didn't you skip it and pay for doctor's expenses out of pocket. Just elect part A, for which there is no fee, for any possible hospitalization that you might incur and save the Part B premium. It's, after all, the hospital stays that kill you financially, and sometimes literally. As far as other possible out of pocket payments you experience under Medicare--no system of private insurance pays for everything either. Why doesn't private insurance cover you as a primary at 65? Like I said the elderly (yourself excluded) are major consumers of health care and there is no way they are willing to take the financial risk. You seem to think that if not for Medicare there would be this wonderful world of private insurance open to you. Think again.

      A final observation, the social security commission headed by Alan Greenspan in the early 80's proposed that SS be taxed as part of their reform package. R Reagan signed off on it with the approval of the congress, then controlled by democrats. Clinton expanded this taxation significantly in '93 as part of his plan to raise revenue to balance the budget.

    • Too much Cashius involved.

    • Seeing that reminds me of something I keep waiting to explode. Why are politicians like my Rep. Duncan Hunter, and the K Street lobbying firms, allowing Tom DeLay to extort them and dictate who they can hire. Hunter contributed $6K to DeLay's "defense" fund, which can't have come without arm twisting. As to the lobbying firms, you gotta lose revenue if you're only hiring lobbyists from one party. Why aren't these disparate interests growing some balls and putting together a Julius Caesar scenario for DeLay?

    • Sorry, I stand corrected. There sure aren't many I know that for sure.


    • get a cold beer, get ready to laugh your ass off----

      now click on-

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