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  • c_wallis_jr c_wallis_jr Aug 17, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    Unfortunately, too many yahoo posters have very serious anger-management problems.

    By posting a series of facts or an alternative opinion, a murderous rage apparently overtakes them. Imagine how they must treat their wives and their children. If they could kill you with squeezing the trigger of a cyber hand gun, you would be dead on the spot.

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    • You know, I noticed the same thing especially the guy who became enraged when you posted
      the discount to net asset value to make people aware that it may be approaching an extreme bargain
      and those that buy at this discount could be handsomely rewarded. The pendulum always swings
      to far and this will reverse itself sometime in the near future IMHO. Keep up the good work, I encourage your posts and although I am very aware of the discount to net asset value some folks
      may not be and this will give them a bit more helpful info. Keep smiling

    • No one is forces anyone to buy or sell a stock. If you lose money, it's your own responsibility. Take full responsibility for your decisions. If you think ACG is a great bargain, buy it. If not, buy something else or short ACG.

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