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  • board frequently because I hold several Alliance
    closed end funds including AMF, SI, GSF, AMU. With the
    exception of AMU which has done well for me, the others
    have not been much fun. IMO John D. Carifa and Wayne
    D. Lyski have not done well for us and it is a
    mystery why a change wasn't made long ago.

    might look at FAX which is down from its high, sells at
    a discount, and has a good yield. GSF has a good
    yield and sells at a discount but could be looking at a
    dividend cut from .90 to .80 since it appears that is what
    they are earning. I may be wrong on the earnings
    because GSF has 0 coupon bonds in its portfolio and
    nobody at customer service can tell me how interest
    income from the 0 coupons ever shows up in the income
    from investments line on the income statement.

    It would be nice if other closed end fund investors
    would use this board again.

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    • New to ACM, (Bought in at 8 1/2 in late August).
      +10% yeild is what caught my attention. This is my
      first CE Fund.

      Why the big drop yesterday (down
      5/16?)? What moves this stock. I would assume it is
      sensistive to interest rates. Anything else move this stock?
      I'm down 3/4 so far and don't really know what to
      blame it on.

      How secure is the dividend?

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