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  • peppylp99 peppylp99 Sep 20, 1999 2:29 PM Flag


    I get to be number one on this line. I hope posters will apper because I just started my dd on it and was thinking I could tap into something that was already here. Sounds decent so far.

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    • on how you analyze selloff and how much more risk
      we may experience beyond current level? I suppose
      this is a pathetic request considering nobody could
      have anticipated a break below 7 when interest rates
      have been steady. This just seems like more than tax
      loss selling. This thing is discounted to nav and just
      has to be over sold. A few sizable buyers could
      provide for a srong rebound? Can this fund buy back
      shares and would the mgmt be motivated to stablize the
      share price?


      This link has been posted several times but it's so great it always deserves another look!

    • Yahoo limits the CEF's to which you can post.I
      have posted on this board since post #10
      (12-12-1997).If you care to read some of my old post I gave info
      on my long history of owning ACG.It just happens
      that today I don't feel ACG is the best CEF to own.I
      still post here because all of us who invest in CEF's
      have similar investment goals.Don't you agree?

    • An 8% long bond in that short a time would be a
      terrible crisis. Have the feds printed that much money?
      For me, the main downside is accounting problems if
      you know what I mean. More likely we will see an 8%
      bond in two years.

    • in convertible CE funds like CVT. It is holding
      quite well in this environment and pays quarterly
      dividend (about 9% per annum).

      I have bought ACG
      below $8 and intend to dollar cost average if NAV
      drops. The yield is not bad even if it drops to 10% or
      so, and there is always a chance of capital gains if
      rate drops. AC manages other income funds, do you know
      any web site that reviews/recommends CE funds in

      Much appreciated the views expressed by
      all of you.
      Thanks, William

    • During the last couple of weeks the spread
      between the market price and NAV of this fund has
      narrowed, down to a 3% premium. The risk has declined
      because of this but there is still the risk of higher
      interest rates . I wouldn't be surprised to see a yield of
      8% on the long bond within a year or two. This could
      bring this stock down to 6 something. Also, the
      dividend could and probably should be cut here which
      wouldn't help the stock price, but it would still have an
      above average yield. Probably safe to dollar cost
      average from here.

    • I think an X preceding and after the stock symbol
      will work for some other closed end funds but not all
      provide this service.

      I don't know anything about
      gsf, just acg. I am not very optimistic about acg for
      the short term but longer term it may be ok if higher
      rates now will bring about lower rates in the future.
      You have to have a long term horizon here and
      preferably reinvest the dividends.

    • tell me what where to find the symbols for other
      closed end funds like ACG's ticker symbol XAGCX? Very
      handy tool to have!

      And do you follow GSF which
      has a portfolio very similar to ACG which sells at
      good discount to NAV and has been beaten up badly in
      its market value? If so, what do you think of the
      chances for future recovery of ACG and GSF?

    • Could soar. I'm dumping my holdings and buying ACG.

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