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  • Wriskit Wriskit Aug 21, 2001 1:30 AM Flag

    ACG Management Deception

    Wow! Those two babies are at the extreme risk apex, but actually, I like MCIT as a risk investment better than ACG, since you are being amply rewarded, provided the revenue stream holds up as they buck the growing competition. I do not like most foreign investments where devaluations can bury you so that rules out AWF (although I have not looked at their portfolio to judge the risk.) I totally agree with your opinions on the LTCM debacle and related golden parachutes scandal, leveraged buy-outs, etc.
    My own investment advice is basic: 90-100% stocks (your choice or use an S&P 500 index fund) up to age 55; 50% stocks and 50% bonds (25% short-term 2-yr T-bills and 25% GNMA 6-yr bonds outright or via funds) up to 65, or thereafter if you have a secure lifetime pension; if not, go to 30% dividend-paying stocks and 70% on the bond mix. Its plain vanilla, but it works. Of course, you can always set aside a reasonable percentage to play with when you see a good opportunity, eg, REITs had been very depressed the past two years with the tech bubble and most of my initial investments had dividend returns over 10% and as high as 15%. Today the returns are in the 8-9% range and the unrealized CGs run from 25-50%. But I do not advise buying them at their current prices. Pharmaceuticals and medical-related like MRK, Pfizer, J&J,etc. should grow nicely. If you are into biomed research being in NIH country, that gives you an edge (although my work in the plastics industry did not help me a bit when it came to picking either stocks to buy or stocks to short).
    Since I am out of ACG, I'll say good-by now, and good luck in your investments.

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