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  • blackhatman blackhatman Jun 3, 2004 8:31 PM Flag


    Since there is not much going on at Maa I thought I would bring up another stock that I mention on another post. Zebraspit I would like your thoughts on Candela CLZR I have looked at there products. I think there will be a great demand for the sevices that their products do. They have the best PE ratio in their group that I could find. And best of all there lazers took the wrinkles out of my mother-in-laws ugly face So I know they work!
    I think this would be good addition for the growth part of a portfolio?

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    • Blackhatman:
      CLZR, based on a quick look, may be a pretty good pick and the stock has been knocked down in the past couple months on a disappointing quarter, so the price looks somewhat reasonable.
      They may be a beneficiary of 'The Swan' makeover trend in the U.S., where it seems(if you believe the shows) every wrinkled middle-aged person dreams of their own "Reveal"....

      Merits looking into. (I haven't done much of that yet, so don't take this as an endorsement of the soundness, etc. of the company).

      Thanks for the idea.
      From now on, we better stick to MAA on this Board.

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      • As for sticking with maa your right this is a maa board but there is only so much you can post about MAA. I'll be frank I'm sick of looking at apartments There are only so many ways you can package an apartment. One thing I have notice if someone hits a good design on a building, it does not take long for the others to copy it.

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