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  • blackhatman blackhatman Jun 16, 2004 10:51 PM Flag

    outside contractors verses inhouse

    I was filling up at a gas station today (1.74 gal) next to me was a carpet cleaning truck with a real nice fellow and his wife. I struck up a conversation with him that lasted for quite a few minutes I guess. I asked him if he every work for Maa he said he had done some work for them years ago in KY but did not care for the manager said she would not give any notice on scheduling and demanded that he be there that day or the next day! He said that he just could not work with her.
    We also talked about the use of outside contracters like him verse doing the work in house. He said there is a semi-trend in the apartment biz to do the carpet cleaning in house along with the painting and cleaning and grass cutting. He said that apartment owners in there obsesion to cut cost are trying to find workers that will work for 8.00 hr to do these jobs, and he said it never works! This guy told me that every customer he lost to inhouse carpet cleaning came back to him. All the inhouse cleaners he saw were uninspired workers who could care less if the carpet was clean or not. He also told me that he saw more carpets ( which are expensive) replaced because they had a little bit of dog urine in them. So instead of trying to clean it right and remove the urine they would just replace it. He also gave me a fast education on the carpet cleaning industry. He said stay away from any carpet cleaning companies that starts with the letter "A" they want to be first in line in the phone book and most of them are dishonest.
    He said its a easy biz to get into with out much money and theres not much regulations. He said a lot of them are now into mold clean up its call the new black gold! Buy the way Eric on the subject of Mold does Maa have a policy for Mold? In the paper their have been a few lawsuit againist property owners for not cleaning up mold.

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