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  • mtgguy1998 mtgguy1998 Dec 15, 2008 6:07 PM Flag

    Occupancy trends

    i'm thinking that the lenders letting rentors stay in foreclosed homes will cool off demand for rental apts.
    In addition the number of vacant homes will drive down home rental rates and take business away from Apts.
    Rent to Own will be the wave of the future to clear the backlog of foreclosed properties. IMHO

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    • You talk about manipulation. For the past 5 days this stock was unjustly decimated, taken out to the woodshed and pulverized. This is not just a stock being caught up in the market reversal since the short-lived January effect went on vacation. This has a floor with the fat 8% dividend. What has occurred here is scaring holders out just b4 the ex dividend date which occurs tomorrow. A full %age point has been added from 7.25 to 8.25 over the last 5 sessions. Someone or some entity wanted that stock, to have and to hold, during the x date. Those who flew the coup early, will pay the price. Once the market resumes the upside this dividend protected equity will rebound.

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      • Agreed ...the price swings are irrational... and dividends are not rewarded since so many others are being cut and no longer provide a floor.
        The growing layoffs and unemployment cuts across all worker segments and MAA will be seeing rent defaults and increased vacancies. Usually results in increased concessions and decreased rents. Sad to say we'll be in the teens some time this year. IMHO

    • People that walk from their homes due to bankruptcy won't exactly walk into a MAA apartment. Rather the folks on the down and out will be going to a cheaper apartment complex where no doubt, they'll walk from it as well.

      Why bank gave out loans to people who had no real solid cash flow was stupid, but the GOOD government of the USA bailed out those banks.

      Why the car companies didn't go to banks seeking a loan from them is beyond me. I guess, they figured banks knew their business model and knew they were going to loan them a dime.

      Why loan a company which makes a product designed to fail, but ironically - so fails the company.

      Who wants to buy American ? Japanese car companies don't, they saw how they ran their business and said, "We can do better than this" !

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