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  • sunseeds777 sunseeds777 Jan 5, 2009 11:50 AM Flag

    Occupancy trends

    People that walk from their homes due to bankruptcy won't exactly walk into a MAA apartment. Rather the folks on the down and out will be going to a cheaper apartment complex where no doubt, they'll walk from it as well.

    Why bank gave out loans to people who had no real solid cash flow was stupid, but the GOOD government of the USA bailed out those banks.

    Why the car companies didn't go to banks seeking a loan from them is beyond me. I guess, they figured banks knew their business model and knew they were going to loan them a dime.

    Why loan a company which makes a product designed to fail, but ironically - so fails the company.

    Who wants to buy American ? Japanese car companies don't, they saw how they ran their business and said, "We can do better than this" !

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