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  • Mfrlord Mfrlord Oct 7, 1999 10:16 PM Flag

    Mid-America Apartment Communities

    This company has got to be the worst I have ever
    seen. Here @ The Paddock Club in Columbia, SC there is
    an apartment across from mine that they sell drugs
    out of like a convenience store. An apartment in the
    rear of the complex is rumored to have 3 escort
    services run out of it. From the women who are in and out
    of there at all hours it look suspicious to me too.
    The management knows all about these apartments as
    myself and others have told them whats going on but they
    refuse to do anything about them. I have even spoken to
    Louise Bagby who claims to be Mr. Cates "executive
    secretary" and all I got was "the local management is on top
    of the situation". I even talked to the "community
    officer" to no avail. Wonder who pays his bills? Anyway
    I've had enough, I'm outta here. Good luck. If all
    their apartments are run this well you're going to need

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    • Here in Dyersburg,TN we get the local Mounties
      involved.If your in the middle of this much illegal activity
      ,then, you need to go see your local police dept. and
      let them put a hidden surveillance camera in your
      apartment. Mr Cates, is not Sergeant Friday or Brodrick
      Crawford with the highway patrol. MAA is trying hard to
      keep all apartment communites clean and safe. If you
      sincerely care about your community go see your local
      police dept. help them rid this problem from your city.
      Who knows you might win the good citizen award!!!

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      • But last night my windshield was broken out. I
        saw two other cars with broken windshields and at
        least four cars with slashed tires. This "gated
        community" has not had the gate working since I moved in six
        months ago. I have spoken to the management all the way
        up to Mr. Cates office and they still refuse to
        spend the money to correct the problem. Last month they
        fired the maintanance staff, my guess is short of
        funds. My lease is up at the end of the month and I
        can't wait. I hate this place and from talking to other
        tenants they are out of here too. This place is a joke. A
        bad one!

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