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  • carp898 carp898 Dec 31, 1997 10:09 PM Flag


    Does anybody out there own this stock? If so how will it do in 1998?

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    • MMike - yes some Big money people seem to think so - BUT this is only the begining.

      Lots more news to come - just give it a bit of time.

      If you look a those CT-Scan pictures of that liver, you should realize that Apht has a great future. Some big money people sure seem to think so!

    • JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMO! There are anger management classes available in every state. Sorry if I hit a nerve. If you look a those CT-Scan pictures of that liver, you should realize that Apht has a great future. Some big money people sure seem to think so!

    • I like today's has shareholder's interests in mind even if timing hasn't been the best. Gevas is a tough cookie. Thirsty you were right, they were not going to get lowballed with the new terms by AVE... old terms are lucrative and hopefully future partners will have to meet them for new territories and indications. Also liked the emphasis on proceding with GERD.. the trials will be shorter and simpler...thus cheaper to fund and the potential returns huge. Feel much better about financing...Next time we need money we will be more self sufficient and on stronger ground to negotiate. Also liked inclusion of current investors in the funding..these people aren't stupid (unlike us, huh Jumo and Shirl?)and aren't going to invest this amount of money without research and strong feelings on their part.

    • Marmike--You're more of a pathetic patsy/sucker than I realized!! What a nitwit!! You've lost a bundle on this worthless stock--and--now you're 'awed' (excuse the expression) by a picture of a single CT scan!!!
      Marmike--Isn't there a Junior College nearby (Maryland area??) where you could at least AUDIT an introductory science course!! Do you have even the FAINTEST knowledge of the 'scientific method?' Now I see why telemarketers keep at their job---to find the MARMIKES of the world!!

    • "On the right you can easily see the dark spots of the metastases (6) of them. On the right after therapy they are COMPLETELY shrunk. I can't believe no one has ever mentioned this, because it is awesome. Have you seen it CritcareMD or YOU JUMO????? Take a look."

      Mikie- you can ask silly questions like that because your brain is a shrunken tumor. However, what YOU really need to look at is how THIS has shrunk............i.e., your investment, har, har, har:

      Why are you so damn easy to knock off? Wake up and smell the coffee, Mikie. APHT just ain't doin' it. It's f*cking broke and, worse than that, .......nobody gives a damn!!!!!!!! Ain't nobody coming calling because they know it's not approved, it's not commerically superior nor, maybe, even effective in a REAL test. No, not even Aventis believes in it or they'd part with their money!!!!!!!!

      Doesn't his sink into anyone's brain?

    • thurstonhowelthethird thurstonhowelthethird Mar 30, 2003 10:13 AM Flag

      I thought that we had a phase III trial currnetly running in the US.I see no mention of it in the information that you posted.Anyone know what gives?

    • Actual facts......No. I am sure once some data is published we can compare. Until then, pure speculation.

    • APHT competition? What about MOGN? They are in Phase II trials using MGI 114 on pancreatic cancer. I am really curious on the prospects of APHT compared with MOGN. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • Why don't you read the analyst's reports to see
      what their projections are. I'm holding my shares for
      the long term, so don't really know how you day
      traders operate in a situation like this. All I know is
      that this co. is doing something entirely different
      from the other biotechs, and that their data, thus
      far, has been very encouraging. I expect to come out
      way ahead, in the long term, on this stock. Daily (or
      even monthly) stock fluctuations don't bother me. This
      stock has always been very volatile. . . that's how day
      traders and shorts make their quick bucks, I guess. Good
      luck. (By the way, I don't see that Aphton really has
      any real "competition".)

    • Good lord, do your due diligence before you buy a
      stock. If you make money it will be blind luck, you will
      get killed in dicey markets. You happened to have
      chosen well here. Biotech stocks like these are
      purchased for potential earnings and technology which might
      be worth a lot of money to an established drug
      company. APHT's potential earnings are outstanding and
      most of us feel their efficacy has already been shown.
      You cannot see any profits for at least a year or two
      in this case but when they come they will be very
      nice. You may see this stock go down again
      substantially before it stays up and if you can't live with
      this sell and take your profit. Just do your due
      diligence earlier before you reinvest the profits. Good

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