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  • sonofapreacher888 sonofapreacher888 Jun 19, 2014 8:48 AM Flag

    unfortunately, our main problem is... no one knows we are here.

    The company is unknown. If BLACKBERRY had these kind of headlines, our stock would be 30 bucks a share. Smallness also makes us vulnerable to hedge fund short attacks. And the total stock size is small... so best advice is just to hang in there and wait. When big profits start showing up... next quarter?... we should take off.

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    • I'm glad to see discussion picking up on this board. I have a strong feeling that I've lucked out and found a "ground floor" opportunity here (although I wish I had been able to take greater advantage of the last bear raid). I'm holding tight. The key resistance for HPJ was at 4.70, and we shattered that this week. Once this company gets out of establishment phase and goes to market I think more shares will transition from retail to institutional investors. Then we see much less volatility than we've experienced in the last months. We are doing well with the ratings we currently have. Looking forward to a series of upgrades once the sales start reflecting in the QE reports.

    • The pop and sell the news was expected as that is the norm these days. The main problem with the cosco news there was no mention of any money changing hands on the test selling at cosco. For the time being there is no new revenue of that deal. The revenue will depend on how it does with sales which won't show up for another Q. Will it do well, who knows. The SNE deal to me was a bigger deal. None the less the co is moving forward. The stock is in play. The question is how will the shorts play it. Will they go after the stop losses again.

      It is well known in the mkt not to use stop losses for this very reason. Even Jim Cramer a once huge short stated on his program not to use stop losses. For some reason mom and pop don't get it. Profit taking is one thing and does not induce a take down like taking out stops. I'll have to see if the demand can hold in a higher range and or if there is buying orders on the down side through the stops. If this does not happen there is a very good chance/with demand of a higher rotation. The norm for good news and rotation "usually" goes for three trading days. We have not seen that as of yet. Today will be a good tell.

    • I think Elon Musk knows about Highpower.

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      • Highpower's CFO was in Fremont at the Tesla factory last month, if you read the press release. Elon Musk I would assume knows about battery people for EVs who visit his own factory headquarters. That said.... just like they got the Chinese EV mass transit BUS contract, I am awaiting REALLY good news from the Elon Musk empire. He could use them for Tesla AND Solar City... they make a complete solar solution for energy storage.

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    • i rest my case. Of course, after running from 3.20 to 5.30... I expected profit taking. Thus giving a priming of the pump to sideline money. You know how this goes... new highs in three or four more trading sessions. Slow up trends beat fast spikes everytime.

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