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  • cruelshoe cruelshoe Jun 23, 2013 6:58 PM Flag

    Fed rate rise hike/sell

    most mlp`s will get hammered in the coming months, I got lucky and sold a few months back @45 but will reinvest at the 33 range.

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    • Sorry but did you even listen to Bernanke? He said he was NOT raising the Fed fund rate. Don't confuse bond rates rising as the same as the Fed fund rate, they are different things. MLPs don't compete with bonds. They have a unique tax structure which allows them to spin off nice distribution yields.

      What Bernanke told you was his exit strategy. Since he won't be re-appointed, and he didn't want it to look as if he passed the buck to the next chairman, he set forth the eventual exit strategy. His mistake was mentioning September as a POSSIBILITY which took the financial community off guard since they were modeling for a 2014/2015 tapering.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Good thing you sold at 45. Otherwise you would have been upset when the stock went to 47.Seriously did the fundamentals change overnight. Of course not. Did the dividend get cut. Of course not. Those are the main reasons you should have considered before you sold this stock. I doubt you will see this stock back at 33 unless it is after a stock split.

    • Well the Fed explicity said they won't be raising rates anytime soon, and not until their conditions of 6.5% unemployement, etc are met.

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      • The FED is not the reason the MLP are down. The crack spread is. The WTI is getting to market with fewer holdups at Midland and Cushing. Several pipelines are coming on line that is the reason. My guess is the crack spread is going to include the API rating of the crude. The refineries on average are not set up to process light crude, such that of Eagle Fort. The refineries are set up to process 42 API WTI and more and more WTI is 45 API and lighter. This translates in a loss of diesel production. The 3.2.1. crack spread is not working. The crude that will be close to 42 API will fetch higher price, the light stuff will be discounted by the loss of diesel production. Valero has invested 2 hydrocraker of $1.4 billion each, one in St James another in Port Arthur to increase the diesel production. Not too many other refiners are willing to spend that kind of money. ALDW and NTI have refineries with a Nelson rating of 11 or higher, those will fetch good distributions.

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